A Very Special Christmas Gift

Publish Date: 03/12/2012


The LGF’s Safer Schools Packs help schools support their lesbian, gay and bisexual students.  A donation for a pack to your old school, your local school or your children’s school can really help to encourage schools to take ACTION against homophobia.
This Christmas we are asking our supporters to donate a pack or give someone a pack and we will send them a gift certificate with which they can support a school of their choice in tackling homophobia.
So far we have seen hundreds of Safer Schools Packs distributed across the UK, thanks to our supporters, but more schools need to be supported in raising the issue of homophobia and you can help them to challenge homophobic bullying.
Here are a few quotes from people who have already used the Safer Schools packs :
“Thank you so much for the Safer Schools pack! It was obviously inspirational because PSHE on Friday was on challenging homophobia and I ended up covering one of those lessons. It was a struggle to get a Y9 class to listen but they did okay and not one of them said they would abandon a friend who came out, whatever their own feelings. Linda,Northampton
 “I am a (gay) teacher in a secondary school and I see how kids speak to each other and how they often bully each other, sometimes in a homophobic way and sometimes not even realising what they're saying is hurtful. I want to raise awareness by supporting your cause.” Giles,Jersey
“The resources you were able to give me were fantastic, and went down very well within the session. I've been invited to host further sessions in January, so I'm going to try to get college to send in a donation for further 'Safer Schools' lesson packs. ” Neil,Salford
For a donation of £20 and we can send out a Safer Schools Pack to the school of your choice, simply nominate the school and we’ll do the rest. lgbt.foundation/schoolspack
For more on how you can support LGF: lgbt.foundation/donate