A Tale of Two Sharons: Love comes to those who wait

Publish Date: 28/03/2014

Sharon and Sharon have been together for two years and are set to get married on 14th June this year. Their story resembles a film plot - with two characters that are so close to meeting but are frustratingly kept apart until the end - when fate magically brings them together.

They grew up together in Wigan, living only two streets apart from each other - they even used to play in the park together when they were seven years old. They attended the same primary school, but ended up going to different high schools, where they only knew of one another through friends.

Four years ago, they found each other again through Facebook and stayed friends for a couple of years before they noticed a spark had naturally developed between them.

The beginning of their relationship wasn’t easy as they both left their current partners to be together. Their exes were understandably upset, but Sharon and Sharon both knew they had to be together. Sadly, this meant they lost some friends in the process but then later gained some new ones as a result.

Sharon Swift, 44, had been with her previous partner for 26 years, since she was a teenager, so it was a very difficult time for her when their relationship ended. She suffered from a breakdown, but with the help of Sharon Murphy and seeing a counsellor, she set her life back on track.

Having lost touch since they were youngsters, it’s only from sharing stories with each other now that they’ve realised they’ve actually attended the same concerts and events in the past, but have unbelievably managed to not cross paths. On reflection, they think that maybe it just wasn’t the right time for them to be together.

Now, it seems like everything has fallen into place and they’ve never looked back since. Sharon Murphy, 43, never wanted a civil partnership because it always seemed like a token gesture to her, something second class in comparison. She’s always dreamed about being married so now it means even more to her that it’s about to come true.

They really wanted to share their positive story for the first year of equal marriage because they’re such a normal couple. But being a normal, happy couple in love is what makes them so spectacular in the first place.

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