A Sliding Success

Publish Date: 30/10/2012


Below Chris describes his zipslide adventure. You can also click to watch the video!

“As a kid I always enjoyed outdoor activities, rock climbing, abseiling etc but in my late teens and twenties the lure of pubs and bars was too great so as a result I stopped doing those kind of things.

“So at the beginning of the year I created my own bucket list "Things to do before I'm 40". Everything I've always wanted to do and a few things I never considered went onto it like swimming with sharks and holidaying to Egypt.

“My friend Precinct wanted to do similar things so we had an action plan meeting (in the pub!!) and drew up a list of activities we could do.

“ After some research found out about the zip wire challenge in Manchester, where people hurl themselves 30 metres up off the Imperial War Museum in Salford Quays on a 250 metre long zipwire.........perfect!

“The added bonus with this was that it could be done for charity. With Precinct working for LGF and me helping out from time to time the choice of charity was a no brainer. This is obviously a cause we both feel strongly about.

“Once our places were booked the task of raising money started. Family, friends and sometimes complete strangers were asked on a regular basis for sponsorship. Asking people for money is never easy even if it is for charity and especially at the moment with everyone being careful about their spending habits. I need not have worried. Every person that I asked donated willingly, some even gave more money when I explained what the LGF did!

“My employer also has something set up called a "Booster Fund" for sponsored events. This meant that if I raised £100 or more they would donate £100 to my chosen charity. I now had a target to reach!

“We booked the event in May this year thinking we had loads of time but the day came round incredibly quickly. Before we realised it Saturday the 13th of October was upon us!

“We were booked to do the slide at 2.30 with registration and getting the equipment on starting at 2pm. We met at the museum with LGF volunteer Ben providing photographic evidence. Little did we know that Precinct would have a camera strapped to his head so there would be videos as well....no swearing allowed!

“Once the harnesses were put on we then made our way by lift to the viewing platform 30 metres up where we would launch ourselves. The view from the top was amazing and we were very lucky that the weather was bright and sunny.

“Precinct went first so if he survived then I knew it was ok! Then it was my turn.... Once the safety guy had rigged me up to the wire and done his final checks there was nothing left to do but step off the building.

“As with most things like this the worst bit is stepping off the ledge, especially when you look down at the people far below, but once that was over that the adrenaline kicked in.

“You actually start off fairly slow but soon pick up speed and the whole ride is over before you know it! The feeling you get sliding over the Manchester Ship Canal with the boats below you is amazing and possibly the closest I've come to flying without being in a plane.

“As soon as it was over I wanted to do it again! I recommend doing a challenge like this to everyone, and if you raise money for charity then even better. I just need to think what to do next, parachute jump anyone?!!!

For more information on how to challenge yourself in support of The LGF visit www.lgf.org.uk/getinvolved