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Why Should My Dentist Be Interested In My Sexual Health?

Date Published: 12/09/2017

One thing we don’t talk enough about in sexual health is what happens in our mouths and how HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections can affect our oral health along with our sexual health. This is just one of the areas that Pride in Practice is looking to improve to make sure that Dental Practices throughout Greater Manchester are better informed about the needs of our communities.

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Salford Pharmacy strikes Gold for Healthcare Excellence

Date Published: 08/09/2017

SMS Pharmacy in Broughton has become the first pharmacy in Salford to be awarded Gold status by LGBT Foundation’s Pride in Practice quality assurance service. The award is a charter mark for excellence in lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) healthcare. 

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Let’s Talk About Us - The Importance of Supportive and Inc…

Date Published: 17/08/2017

Let’s Talk About Us - The Importance of Supportive and Inclusive Safe LGBT Spaces

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Film exclusives highlight of LGBT Foundation’s Big Weekend…

Date Published: 15/08/2017

Screenings from the UK’s premiere LGBT Short Film festival and the exclusive look at a new film featuring Royle Family favourite Ricky Tomlinson are just some of the highlights of LGBT Foundation’s programme for Manchester’s Big Weekend Pride festival from 25 – 28 August.

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'My Dream, Zimbabwe' - a piece by Maggy Moyo

Date Published: 09/08/2017

Maggy Moyo is a lesbian woman from Zimbabwe, seeking asylum in the U.K. In celebration of Pride, this piece talks about her dream for LGBT equality in Zimbabwe. 

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LGBT Foundation response to the Prep Trial Announcement

Date Published: 03/08/2017

Peter Bampton, Sexual Health Lead at LGBT Foundation said

“PrEP is a much-needed provision in reducing HIV transmission and we welcome the increased access that the Impact Trial will bring. We’re particularly pleased to see that Greater Manchester residents will be prioritised in the roll out of the trial, due to our high prevalence of people living with HIV. 

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Hep B and Me

Date Published: 27/07/2017

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Foundation broadly welcomes raft of new reforms announced by…

Date Published: 24/07/2017

LGBT Foundation has broadly welcomed the raft of reforms announced by the Government over the weekend to LGBT policy to correct some of the injustices faced by gay, lesbian, bi, trans and intersex people in the UK. 

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Trans People’s Sexual Health: Recommendations for Service …

Date Published: 21/07/2017

In April, LGBT Foundation conducted a survey of trans people experiences of sexual health services with the support of the MAC AIDS Fund. We receive an amazing 317 complete and eligible responses, making it one of the largest surveys of trans people on sexual health ever conducted. This is significant as there is very little research into the sexual health needs and experiences of trans people in England.

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Improving Access to Psychological Therapies for BAME People

Date Published: 21/07/2017

Since January, LGBT Foundation have been working with the Greater Manchester and East Cheshire Strategic Clinical Network and Survivors Manchester, to deliver a range of workshops with BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities from across Greater Manchester. Together we explored how IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) services can be improved for BAME people to tackle inequalities in experiencing mental ill health.

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Lesbian and Bisexual Women: want to do something positive fo…

Date Published: 19/07/2017

Lesbian and Bisexual Women: want to do something positive for your community?

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***Volunteering Opportunities: inclusion work with BAME, tra…

Date Published: 19/07/2017

***Volunteering Opportunities: inclusion work with BAME, trans, and older lesbian and bisexual women***

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Calling all lesbian and bi women who are BAME, trans and/or …

Date Published: 17/07/2017

BAME, trans and/or older (50+) lesbian and bi women: get in touch!

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We Need You: Pride in Practice Health Engagement Volunteer

Date Published: 26/06/2017

LGBT Foundation’s Pride in Practice team are looking for a volunteer to help on a cervical screening project, contacting lesbian and bisexual women in Trafford about attending cervical screenings.

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Action Plan highlights key steps to stronger LGBT inclusion …

Date Published: 22/06/2017

Greater Manchester’s LGBT Foundation has launched an Action Plan highlighting the key priorities that need to be addressed by organisations across the region to benefit its LGBT communities. 

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GP champions LGBT inclusion with Pride in Practice

Date Published: 20/06/2017

Bedford House Medical Centre in Tameside has received a Gold award for excellence in LGBT healthcare. The award is particularly poignant as one of  the practices GPs is the stepfather of Martyn Hett who was among the 22 people killed in the bombing at Manchester Arena on May 22.

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Foundation Trustee made MBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Date Published: 19/06/2017

LGBT Foundation Trustee, Glyn Jenkins has been made an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to the community in Greater Manchester.

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For Gay Men: Making Smart Changes to Your Life

Date Published: 12/06/2017

This week (12-18 June) Men’s Health Week are raising awareness about ‘belly fat’. The type of fat that's bad for our health and that men are more likely to have. If you are a gay man struggling to make changes to your health, a specially designed workshop taking place this month at LGBT Foundation can help you learn how you can motivate yourself to make healthier decisions in life.

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Greater Manchester invited to stand together against LGBT Ha…

Date Published: 10/05/2017

GREATER Manchester’s LGBT Foundation is hosting a community event at its building in Richmond Street to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) on Wednesday 17 May from 5.45 – 7pm. 

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New report calls for wider road to better trans inclusion

Date Published: 08/05/2017

While the UK’s trans* community has benefited from increased interest of the media and policy makers in recent years, further work is needed to capitalise on this and overcome current roadblocks to further progress, according to research released by a leading LGBT organisation today. 

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LGBT Foundation bids a fond farewell to Greater Manchester…

Date Published: 04/05/2017

As people across the city region go to the polls to elect the region's first metro mayor, LGBT Foundation would like to say a heartfelt farewell and thank you to Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester’s Interim Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner. 

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GM first to officially record LGBT domestic abuse cases

Date Published: 11/04/2017

Greater Manchester is becoming the first area of the UK to record domestic abuse in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) as police take a recording method Forcewide.

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Rebel Dykes: help us make it happen!

Date Published: 10/04/2017

A group queer women and folk are currently fundraising to make REBEL DYKES - the only documentary about a bunch of kickass punk lesbians from London, UK in the 1980s, happen on the big screen. This is what they want you to know..

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The Women's Programme: we're back, we're bigger and we're be…

Date Published: 24/03/2017

Thanks again to Big Lottery Fund, the Women’s Programme has received funding for a further three years to develop our existing programme to help make it more inclusive, accessible and relevant for a wider range of lesbian and bisexual women across Greater Manchester and introduce new ways of gaining skills and leadership opportunities! 

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LGBT Foundation wants you to help spring clean Manchester’…

Date Published: 20/03/2017

With spring in the air thoughts turn to cleaning and we looking for volunteers to take part in a new project to clean up Manchester’s Gay Village.  

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One LB Woman’s Health Story

Date Published: 16/03/2017

‘Lives are at risk if women feel unheard or if there is a lack of empathy and respect and regard for them as people. I have had a great number of medical encounters which have been upsetting or embarrassing’ says Rosie Adamson Clark.

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Drug use amongst Men who have sex with Men in Greater Manche…

Date Published: 15/03/2017

Men who have sex with men (MSM) in Greater Manchester have distinct patterns of drug use, including significantly higher rates of using drugs typically associated with chemsex.

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Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Health Week

Date Published: 13/03/2017

The first ever National Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Health Week takes place this week  (13-17 March 2017) launched by the National LGBT Partnership. The aim of the week is to raise awareness about lesbian & bisexual women’s health inequalities.

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Foundation Launches Trans People's Sexual Health Survey

Date Published: 08/03/2017

On 7March LGBT Foundation launched the Trans People’s Sexual Health Survey to find out more information about trans people’s experiences of sexual health and sexual health services in England.

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Pride in our Health

Date Published: 03/03/2017

Many of us worry when we are asked personal questions by health professionals that some services may not know how to talk to us about our gender identity or sexual orientation. Pride in Practice is working to change this and we are looking for your thoughts on how we can best ensure primary care services move forward to deliver ‘excellence in LGBT healthcare.’

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