‘Sexuality Surgery’ on Radio 1

Publish Date: 05/03/2012

BBC Radio 1’s The Surgery are broadcasting an evening programme on Sexuality on Sunday 11th March, 9pm – 12 midnight.

Following the success of ‘Sex Night’ out gay presenter Aled Haydn Jones and the Surgery team will dedicate three hours to discussing and answering your questions about all aspects of sexuality.

Sexuality is not just about sex, or even whether you’re straight, gay or bi. For young people it’s about emotions, affection and lifestyle and this is what they will be talking about in an extended three hour Surgery.  Covering issues like coming out, bisexuals who feel pressure to conform and asking whether anyone is truly 100% gay or straight.

This show isn’t exclusively for those from the LGB world nor is it simply for straight people. It’s for any young person who is curious to know more. Sexuality Night will be all the things you wanted to ask about your sexual identity but didn’t think anyone would listen.

In promotion for the show Aled has shared his own experience about coming out:

“Coming out in a small town of Aberystwyth in Wales was tough for me… there were no role models in the media, it wasn’t discussed by my school or friends. I chose to come out to my grandmother first who gave me the confidence to talk to my parents, they were incredibly supportive but it was agreed by all of us that I should keep quiet about it until I moved away from home. I’m so pleased to be able to do a sexuality night on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra at a time where this experience is more of a rarity. It will be quite exciting to discuss the follow on questions now that you can be proud of your sexuality no matter what that is, things like stereotypes, religion, dealing with labels and generally coming to terms with who you are.”