Roger Crouch RIP

Publish Date: 29/11/2011

Anti-Bullying Campaigner and Stonewall Hero of the Year Roger Crouch passed away last night. The LGF's Joanne Dunning talks about their inspirational meeting and the impact of his work.

"It was with great sadness and shock that I learnt this morning that Roger Crouch passed away last night.

It seemed like he was only just getting the recognition he deserved for his anti-bullying work, this month he was named Stonewall Hero of the Year, and had been promoting the work of Diversity Role Models at The House of Commons in his role as patron of the new charity.

It was earlier this year that I first came across Roger, I was reading a report about Roger's son Dominic who tragically took his own life in 2010 after rumours circulated at school that he was gay, Dominic was 15.

Roger got in touch with us to offer his support to The Lesbian & Gay Foundation's Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia campaign.

It was in May that my colleague Grahame and I met with Roger at his home just outside Cheltenham, and his very enthusiastic dog Crash (named after Dom's favourite computer game) - who over the course of the day was to take quite a shine to the unsuspecting Grahame.

Both Grahame and myself were struck by Roger's warmth, hospitality and utter bravery - he was opening up to us about the most difficult of subjects - but he was just so determined to get the message out about schools doing more to challenge bullying and becoming safe and welcoming spaces for all pupils.

He was particularly aware of the prevalence of homophobic bullying - Dominic didn't identify as gay - but the rumours that circulated at school that he was gay were the catalyst that led to his death.

Over the course of our day in Cheltenham, Roger recorded a video for the Enough is Enough! campaign - he spoke about Dom's life, the impact of bullying, and spoke out in support of anti-bullying projects including the LGF's Safer Schools Packs.

Since then we've stayed in touch by email and I've watched as he got the recogntion he so richly deserved.

Meeting Roger and his hearing his story was definitely one of those moments when your sense of purpose is reinforced, and you become even more committed to challenging bullying and promoting understanding.

Roger's wife Paola posted on facebook this morning "The changes you have started, for young people everywhere, the work you have done against bullying will remain as a towering monument to you."

Those changes range from improving suicide prevention strategies, to raising awareness of all forms of bullying from grass roots to the highest level.

My thoughts, and the thoughts of everyone at The LGF are with Roger's wife Paola and his daughter Guilia and all their family."

Nearly 10, 000 people have watched the video we made with Roger, please visit:

Or to read Roger's story A Father's Story visit


  • Nella

    For me Roger was the best dad and husband some one ever could wish for. His battle to find justice for your son Dom and all the other kids being bullied was amazing and tireless. Could I have done the same? I was very shocked to hear from his death but do understand the pain was to hard to bare. May he rest in peace, he will never be forgotten. And I will never forget you, Paola and Giulia. Much love< nella ,3,3

  • ElkeWallace

    For me, Roger Crouch was one of the most inspirational people ever. He must have been in utter pain following Dom\\\\\\\'s suicide, but still he decided to get into campaign work and devoted all his time and energies to the cause to eliminate, or at least reduce, bullying - and especially homophobic bullying. He worked so tirelessly on everything ... and what a worthy cause, because there is still so much to be done, too much name calling, and verbal bullying can cause scars much deeper than the physical bullying alone. May Roger\\\\\\\'s soul be at peace now, and may we take his example as an inspiration to continue the work he has done. R.I.P. Roger Crouch

  • Thilo

    May Mr Crouch rest in peace and may bullying be eliminated from this Earth.

  • GarethJParfitt

    The world has lost a truly great man in Roger Crouch. His tireless work to promote the anti-bullying cause has been an inspiration to many. Together with his dear wife Paola they have campaigned tirelessly on OUR behalf, the behalf of ALL people who have felt bullied or threatened in their chosen lives. His loss will be felt by many many people but most of all of course his closest family Paola and Guilia, and all of their close friends. May you rest in eternal peace Roger, and on behalf of all of the minority and oppressed people in the world I thank you sincerely for what you have done. May your fantastic work continue and ever grow until bullying and hatred are long forgotten. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • DanFilson

    A good tribute to a great man thrust by a tragic event into a hard task - fighting bullying of schoolchildren to the extent that it leads to suicide ("bullycide").

  • Magical123

    Roger was a true friend and I am totally devastated to learn of his demise. I only hope the work that he has done in targeting homophobic bullying in our schools and amongst young people will be looked on as a treasured seed to be nurtured and and cherished and grow to be a tree of reason and intelligence in our schools and in our lands and it’s intelligent light a beacon to the whole world. It MUST become OUR number one priority to target this subject in 2012 when the eyes of the world are on LONDON PRIDE we should not forget that PRIDE is a PROTEST and although for many of us who survived the homophobic bullying of our schooldays for our children and up coming generations it is an everyday running of the gauntlet of physical , emotional and verbal abuse in the playground and classroom which are the front lines of a battle field for those who are least able to deal with such psychological warfare . LEST WE FORGET .