'Phone Snatching a Problem in the City'

Publish Date: 11/04/2013

An Increasing Problem

GMP have said that 'phone snatching' is a 'problem in the city' and have been targeting problem areas as well as educating people to help reduce these crimes. Below Greater Manchester Police (GMP) share some top mobile phone safety tips...

Mobile Phone Safety

Mobile phones are easy targets for thieves. Follow the advice by GMP below to minimise the chance of theft: 

·         Keep your phone hidden in public places.                                      

·         Your phone will have security built in – like additional security codes. Use them.

·         Only give your number to family, and to friends that you trust.

·         If your plans change, send a new text to keep people updated on where you are.

·         If alone, set your phone to vibrate so that it doesn’t attract attention.

·         If you take a lift or taxi, text the registration number to someone that you trust

·         Most phones allow 999 calls even if you have no credit left or have the keypad locked.

·         Dial *#06# for your phone’s serial number and keep this in a safe place.

Mark and register your phone

·         Use an ultra-violet marker pen to label your phone

·         Register it with Immobilise - the UK's National Property Register

For more information and other crime safety tips visit GMP's website, click here.