'My Dream, Zimbabwe' - a piece by Maggy Moyo

Publish Date: 09/08/2017


Maggy Moyo is a lesbian woman from Zimbabwe, seeking asylum in the U.K. In celebration of Pride, this piece talks about her dream for LGBT equality in Zimbabwe. 
“A door has been cracked open. To push it completely open requires the courage to reassess our true intentions and how best to achieve them", so said one great man 
My kind of Zimbabwe is a country that will be peaceful and embrace love. A country that will let me be 'ME' regardless of gender, sexuality colour, or political party. 
Maggy 1


Who says no to "love"? 
Love is sweet and meek. Dear Zimbabwe, leave me to make my own mistakes and I will learn from them. My gender is my human right. 
Let me not be punished, tortured and killed because I have chosen love instead of hate! 


One day my kind of Zimbabwe will let me hold hands with whom I choose to love, will let me kiss along Avondale and Mufakose without looking over my shoulder. My kind of Zimbabwe will choose love over hate. No one will swear, no one will be offended, because love is a beautiful thing and my Zimbabwe will have acknowledged that. 

Maggy 3


Our children will grow up making their own choices of whom to love and when to love. No one will call them possessed and no one will yearn for their blood. No one will discriminate against them and no one will think they have the rights over their bodies and decisions, because our children would have chosen love over hate. Our struggles right now will reap peace for them, our struggles right now are for their future when we are no more! 


Our peaceful demonstrations will simply be a cry for attention, our demonstrations will mean "Zimbabwe” you have raised and gave me education. Can I bring fresh new ideas for the current situations? Trust me to be a president of this country or a minister, regardless of my gender and sexuality. Our demonstration will not mean business for the funeral parlours, we would be accepted because we came in peace and love. 


My kind of Zimbabwe will not use Police to intimidate and cut my life short. Instead the police of my Zimbabwe would have chosen love, and associate with the community as a whole. Those men and women will know they are working for the rich and poor, young and old, gay, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, not a private company. Now that they would have chosen love, wouldn’t be scared of them but respect them. I can’t wait to see Police cars being driven around proudly advertising love! 


I cannot wait to see the young LGBTI youth of Zimbabwe sitting in the street corners of Harare, Bulawayo, Plumtree with this beautiful love letter ‘A safe space for "HARARE, BULAWAYO, PLUMTREE" LGBT Community'
That will be the day I will definitely know my Zimbabwe has substituted HATE for love,
because love is love, 
and love wins!


"Let the one who had no sin cast the first stone" My kind of Zimbabwe will never be judgemental, will let me be myself. The Church will accept me as a lesbian woman because my Zimbabwe knows what love is and would have more accepting churches that I will worship and my children will worship and my great, grandchildren will freely worship. 


One peaceful loving community, one love sharing community, for young people, adults and old people, freely being who they are, not loving in secret, simply because 
Love is love 
Love is compassionate 
Love should be contagious 
Love is a human right 
Love wins 
Love knows no age     
And Love knows no Gender 
That is my dream, Zimbabwe!