Charity says: "Make Schools Safer - challenge the gay word".

Publish Date: 11/11/2011

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation's Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia Campaign is encouraging people to take action and highlight the damage that words can do and encourage people to think before they speak.

Last year, Roger Crouch's son Dominic, 15, took his own life after rumours circulated at school that he was gay. Roger has urged young people to stop and think about the impact of what they are saying as part of the Enough is Enough! Safer Schools Project, “think about the consequences because what might seem like a joke or a bit of a laugh could have consequences that you never imagined.”

Roger, who has recently been named Stonewall's Hero of the Year for his anti-bullying work, also encouraged young people to speak out about bullying, “you should talk to someone about it; an adult, a friend, you should raise it in the school and report it.” Watch Roger's video here

Homophobic bullying and the derogatory use of the word “gay” remain major issues for UK schools.

In response, Enough is Enough! have developed their Safer Schools Packs to help schools in challenging homophobic bullying - inparticular the use of the “gay” word, supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils and promoting understanding across communities.

The campaign aims to get as many packs into UK schools as possible, to help this generation and the next beat bullying.

Paul Martin O.B.E, Chief Executive of The LGF said: "Challenging homophobic bullying in schools is one of our priorities, it's ironic that in the same month as Anti-Bullying Week, we should hear that teachers have been advising pupils to act "less gay" to avoid homophobic bullying. This highlights that some schools need more support in challenging bullying and supporting all young people."

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