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Welcome to our section dedicated to gay and bisexual men. Feel free to dive straight in!

We use the term ‘men’ in terms of gender, not biological sex and ‘men’ in its widest sense.  This includes anyone who doesn’t identify as a woman, e.g. trans men who identify as gay or bisexual, or non-binary people who have sex with men or other non-binary people.  If you don’t identify as any of the above then we can talk to you about the services we offer - please contact us on 0845 3 30 30 30 or e-mail

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Here at LGBT Foundation we provide a range of sexual health and wellbeing services including resources you can use:

  • Weekly rapid HIV clinic
  • Full sexual health screening clinic
  • Sexual health and wellbeing advice drop-in
  • FREE condoms and lube
  • ...and more!

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In this section we’re talking about sex! Sex Tips, sexual health, sexually transmitted infections, safer sex, condoms and anything else sexual health related.

Our latest quickie

In this episode of LGBT Foundation Quickies, we head to Tameside & Glossop Centre for Sexual Health and talk to Dr. Matt Philips, who answers your questions about what to expect when you go to a sexual health clinic.

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What is HIV?

You might not think it affects you - or maybe you just don't want to talk about it.

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Living with HIV

Make sure you get good quality, impartial information about HIV to help you make good decisions regarding your health and treatment.

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Having a healthy sex life

There’s a huge range of sexual activities, some you’ll have heard of, others you won’t – therefore, there is no straightfor...

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Think you have an STI?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections which are generally picked up through close body contact or sex.

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Get tested!

How many of us think about our partner's sexual history when we are getting to know them? Do you know yours? Get tested!

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Sexual health quickies

‘LGF Quickies’ are short videos presented by staff from The LGF. The aim is to give you important sexual health messages in a quick and...

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Safer Sex: condoms and lube

We use the term ‘safer sex’, as no sexual activity can be 100% risk free. However for anal sex, if condoms are used correctly with plen...

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The LGBT Foundation, together with community based HIV prevention agencies from across England, have developed a joint statement on Pre – Exp...

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Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) generally refers to any preventive medical treatment given to someone immediately after possible exposure to a...

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It starts with me

It’s all about you. You are the key to stopping HIV in your own life and in your community.

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Mens Workshops

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation are running a series of workshops covering many aspects of modern life.

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An Introduction to Male Can…

This information is designed to look at some of the cancers that gay and bisexual men are concerned about. It has been informed by gay & bisexu...

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Our condom and lube distrib…

Since 1994, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) has been providing free Condoms and Lube (as well as information regarding correct condom use, S...

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