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The Village Citizen Advice Bureau, 25a Hankinson Way, Salford Precinct, M6 5JA.

Employment services for LGB&T people

Website: www.thevillage.org.uk Email: office@thevillage.org.uk

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Alter Ego, 105-107 Princess St, M1 6DD.

Home to Poptastic every Tuesday and Saturday night.

Tel: 0161 236 9266

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Baa Bar, 27 Sackville Street, M1 3LZ.

Baa Bar Sackville Street is right in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant ‘Gay Village’. Party venue with flashy dance floor.

Tel: 0161 247 7997
Website: http://www.baabar.co.uk/

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The Bay Horse, 35-37 Thomas St, M4 1NA.

A traditional gay friendly pub in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Tel: 0161 661 1041
Website: www.thebayhorsepub.co.uk

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Bull's Head, 84 London Road, M1 2PN.

Gay friendly pub ideally located close to Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Tel: 0161 236 1724

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Company Bar, 28 Richmond St, M1 3NB.

Men only bar. Relaxed atmosphere.

Tel: 0161 237 9329
Website: www.companybarmanchester.co.uk

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Coyotes, 14 Chorlton St.

Lesbian bar.

Tel: 0161 236 4007
Website: www.coyotesbar.co.uk

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Club HD, Arch 66, Whitworh street West (nr the Ritz), M1 5WQ.

New gay/mixed bar/club on Fri and Sat nights.

Website: www.hdclubbing.com

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Bar Pop (previously Crunch), 10 Canal Street, M1 3EZ.

Cheap drinks and food. Regular DJ playing.

Tel: 0161 236 0446
Website: http://www.crunchbar.co.uk/

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Cruz 101, 101 Princess Street, M1 6DD.

Busy gay nightclub. Open 6 nights a week.

Tel: 0161 9500 101 Fax: 0161 237 3412
Website: http://www.cruz101.com

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Eden, 3 Brazil St, M1 3PJ.

A contemporary and comfortable restaurant & bar situated in the heart of Manchester's world-famous Gay Village.

Tel: 0161 237 9852
Website: www.edenbar.co.uk

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Eagle, 15 Bloom Street, M1 3HZ.

Men only bar. Arranges events Opening hours Monday 5pm – 2.30am Tuesday 5pm – 2.30am Wednesday 5pm – 2.30am Thursday 5pm – 3am Friday 5pm – 5am Saturday 5pm – 6am Sunday 2pm – 3am

Tel: 0161 2286669
Website: www.eaglemanchester.com

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Queer (previously Essential), 8 Minshull St, M1 3EF.

Mainly gay male nightclub over three floors.

Tel: 0161 835 1300
Website: http://essentialmanchester.com/

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Legends, 4-6 Whitworth St.

Manchester’s largest and most maze like club. Four distinct areas, three levels and a different atmosphere in every room.

Tel: 0161 236 5400
Website: www.legendsmanchester.com

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On Bar (Previously Manto), 46 Canal St, M1 3WD.

Gay bar over three floors.

Tel: 0161 236 2667
Website: www.mantobar.com

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Mint Lounge, 46-50 Oldham St.

Located in Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter district - "proud to host some of Manchester's coolest club nights and live music events".

Tel: 0161 228 1495
Website: www.mintlounge.com

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Napoleons, 35 Bloom St, M1 3LY.

The oldest venue in Manchester's Gay Village and are open five nights every week (Wednesday to Sunday) - popular with the trans community.

Tel: 0161 236 8800
Website: www.napoleons.co.uk

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New York New York, 94 Bloom St, M1 3LY.

Bar and entertainment. Friendly atmosphere.

Tel: 0161 236 6556
Website: http://www.newyorknewyorkbar.co.uk/

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Overdraught, 121 Princess St, M1 7AG.

Popular student bar.

Tel: 0161 237 0811

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Paddy's Goose, 29 Bloom St, M1 3JE.

Paddys Goose is a traditional pub offering a great choice of drinks and pub food by friendly staff.

Tel: 0161 236 1246

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