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Edward Carpenter Community of Gay Men, BM ECC, WC1N 3XX.

The Edward Carpenter Community is a group of gay men committed to principles of caring, trusting, personal growth, sharing, and creativity aimed at nurturing 'community' as an alternative to the commercial scene. They organise Gay Men's Weeks and shorter events each year at venues across the country.

Tel: 08703 21 51 21
Website: www.gaycommunity.org.uk Email: contact_ecc@edwardcarpentercommunity.org.uk

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Essence Counselling.

A network of qualified professional counselors, psychotherapists and trainers, working together to ensure good practice and a high standard of care and service as trainers and therapists.

Tel: 07804 413 489
Website: www.essencecounselling.org Email: info@essencecounselling.org

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Spa Satori, 112 High Street, M4 1HQ.

Holistic health and beauty spa.

Tel: 0161 8192465
Website: www.spasatori.co.uk

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Friends of Sackville Gardens.

Meets monthly to plan improvements, maintenance and new planting in Sackville Gardens

Tel: 0161 235 8012
Email: emma.peate@lgf.org.uk

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Gaydio, 1st Floor, Portland Tower, Portland Street, M1 3LD.

Gay radio station.

Tel: 0161 200 1656
Website: www.gaydio.co.uk Email: info@gaydio.co.uk

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Imaan, c/o The Lesbian & Gay Foundation Number 5, Richmond Street, M1 3HF.

For LGBTQI muslim men 1st Friday/mnth 7.30-9.30pm.

Website: www.imaan.org.uk

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Icebreakers, c/o The Lesbian & Gay Foundation Number 5, Richmond Street, M1 3HF.

Gay and bi men's support group meets 8pm every Wednesday.

Tel: 0845 330 3030
Website: www.icebreakersmanchester.org.uk

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Inner Enigma, PO Box 52, Todmorden, OL14 7WU.

A charity supporting intersexed and transsexual people, primarily in the Manchester area of the UK.

Tel: 0845 838 1264
Website: www.innerenigma.com Email: info@innerenigma.co.uk

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Keshet Manchester.

Advocacy, education and support service for Jewish LGB&Ts.

Tel: 07528 700 926
Website: www.keshetmanchester.org.uk Email: info@keshetmanchester.org.uk

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Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester (LGYM), LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, M1 7HB.

Young LGBT people, 14-25 Tues 7:30-10pm; Sat 3-7pm.

Tel: 07900 680725
Website: www.lgym.org.uk Email: info@lgym.org.uk

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