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Terrence Higgins Trust Wirral, 5 Bridge St, Birkenhead, CH41 1AS.

Sexual health info and LGBT affirmative counselling

Tel: 0151 666 9890
Website: www.tht.org.uk Email: info.wirral@tht.org.uk

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Sexual Health Clinic, Arrowe Park Hospital, Arrowe Park Rd, Birkenhead, L49 5PE.

Sexual health clinic.

Tel: 0151 604 7339

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Freedom - Trans Youth Federation.

Offering advice & support in the UK to trans-identified, genderqueer & intersex young people (14-24 years) exploring their biological sex, gender or gender identity and to their families & significant others.

Website: www.freedom.btik.com Email: freedom@freedom.zzn.com

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Tea Time Special, c/o THT Wirral, 5 Bridge Street, CH41 1AS.

Every Fri 4.30-6.30pm - Safe space for LGBT.

Tel: 0151 666 9890
Email: info.wirral@tht.org.uk

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TransWirral, 90-92 Chester Street, CH42 5DL.

For TS/intersex

Tel: 07833 385126
Website: www.transwirral.btik.com

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Wirral Divas, c/o THT Wirral, 5 Bridge St,, CH41 1AS.

Weekly lesbian and bisexual women's group.

Tel: 0151 666 9890
Email: info.wirral@tht.org.uk

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Wirral TranSisters.

Support / Social group for TV/CD/TS. 2nd Tuesday of the month

Tel: 07833 385126
Email: mazykate@toucansurf.com

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Work It Out, c/o Brook (Wirral), 14 Whetstone Lane,, CH41 2QR.

Support group for 14-18 yrs. Every Thu 18:30-20:30

Tel: 0151 670 0177
Website: www.workitoutatbrook.org.uk Email: kai@wirralbrook.org.uk

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Dolphin Sauna, 129 Mount Rd, New Brighton, CH45 9JS.

Tel: 0151 630 1516
Website: www.dolphinsauna.co.uk Email: info@dolphinsauna.co.uk

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Tea with Teela (TV/CD social).

7pm - 3rd Monday of the month at Transpose

Tel: 0151 356 8555
Website: www.trans-pose.com

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Utopia Ellesmere Port, Whitby Road.

Safe place for LGB Youth to hang out. Tues 6.30-9

Tel: 0151 348 5628
Website: www.utopialgb.org.uk Email: eport@utopialgb.org.uk

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Wirral LGBT Network, c/o THT Wirral, 5 Bridge St, Birkenhead, CH41 1AS.

For all Wirrals LGBT Community, call/email for details.

Tel: 0151 666 9890
Website: www.wirrallgbt.org.uk Email: info@wirrallgbt.org.uk

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LGBT social and information group for Chester and N. Wales

Tel: 07790 904718
Website: www.encompass.btik.com Email: encompass @live.co.uk

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Sole Sisters.

Womens walking group.

Tel: 07917 533104

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Unique TG Support Group.

Supporting trans-gendered people in N.Wales & West Cheshire. 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm.

Tel: 01745 337144
Website: www.uniquetg.org.uk Email: elen@uniquetg.org.uk

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Croma Prestwich, 30 Longfield Centre, Prestwich, M25 1AY.

Traditional and innovative Italian pizzas, using the finest ingredients from the best suppliers.

Tel: 0161 798 7666
Website: www.croma.biz

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Lik:t, LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, M1 7HB.

Young Women’s Peer Health Project - Run by & for young lesbian & bisexual women; meets on alternate Tuesday evenings.

Tel: 07813 981338
Website: www.likt.org.uk Email: likt_info@yahoo.co.uk

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Women's Domestic Violence Helpline.

Support and advice to women and children experincing domestic violence.

Tel: 0161 636 7525
Email: wvdh.info@virgin.net

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Slam Dunkin' Divas.

Basketball group for lesbian/bi/trans women. Tuesday evenings.

Tel: 07949 604610
Website: www.sites.google.com/site/slamdunkindivas/home Email: slamdunkindivas@googlemail.com

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Out in The City, Number 5, Richmond Street,, M1 3HF.

Social group for over 50s LGBT, drop in meeting every Wednesday afternoon @ The LGF 1pm till 3.30pm

Tel: 0161 205 3851
Website: www.outinthecity05.webs.com

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