Address: meets @ The Lesbian & Gay Foundation Number 5, Richmond Street, M1 3HF.

Description: TransForum Manchester is a Transgender discussion group and mutual peer support forum for all Transgendered people and those in any way questioning their gender, together with their partners, family, friends and allies meeting in a safe and comfortable space. Our group meets monthly to discuss everything from make-up to speech therapy and we enjoy a wide variety of social activities during and after the scheduled meetings. This site aims at offering the Trans Community in Manchester and the UK a wealth of resources and support. For further details:

Tel: 07500 741955. Fax:


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Sector: Voluntary & Community    
Type: Group    
Subtype: Social & Support    
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Gender: Female    
Sexual Orientation: Trans People: Yes
Minimum Age: 18 Maximum Age:
Employment Status: Disabled People:
Religion/Belief: Ethnic Groups:

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