The Docs

Address: 55-59 Bloom Street, M1 3LY.

Description: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Afternoon and Friday By Appointment (You must have an ‘M’ Postcode) HIV Testing & Full Sexual Health Screening

Tel: 0161 237 9490. Fax: 0161 228 3164


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Sector: Public    
Type: Health    
Subtype: GP    
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Sexual Orientation: L;G;B;Lesbian Trans People:
Minimum Age: 2017 Maximum Age: 2017
Employment Status: Disabled People:
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  • Anonymous

    Being diagnosed with HIV is a difficult time for anyone. Having to disclose to people is not always easy. Speaking to doctors and nurses I generally find easy, but not always reception staff. However the receptionists at the Docs were amazing. They were kind, understanding, emphatic and not patronizing. They made it easy that day to discuss my needs, and treated my with respect. They have always been friendly and warm, that is why I felt comfortable speaking to them. I'd recommend them to anyone!