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  • KingsCollegeNHSHealthCentre

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  • Gay Man Beswick

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say that as an openly gay man, I have always felt comfortable accessing services at Five Oaks Surgery. I have never felt uncomfortable about revealing my sexuality to my GP or to practice staff. On the occasions when my sexuality has been mentioned all staff and GP’s have been understanding, and non-judgmental. There have been times when I have had to consult my GP about issues where my sexuality has been important, and I have always received an excellent and supportive service. I would like to see the surgery display LGBT Foundation posters, as I’m sure other LGBT patients would appreciate that extra show of support and recognition.

  • Anonymous

    “I have recently registered with Ashville GP surgery… I must say I was really pleasantly surprised with the amount of LGB friendly resources in the reception of the surgery. I noticed the award proudly displayed on the wall, as well as ‘Gay Men’s Safer Sex’ packs, Out Northwest Magazine, and also LGF signposting posters on the notice board… I’ve never actually seen this much LGB friendly material displayed in any health setting, and it certainly gives me more reassurance that staff will be aware of different diversities amongst their patients. Surgeries can sometimes actually be quite unwelcoming, and sometimes you don’t feel like an actual person and just a number, but this experience made me think that my surgery is fully accepting of me as an individual.”

  • Anonymous

    “I saw this (LGBT Foundation's Helpline Poster) on the information rack at my GP and was delighted to see supportive LGBT information displayed with all the other useful resources in the GP’s waiting room. It makes so much difference while you’re waiting to go and see your doctor, to know that they recognise your existence. I actually thanked my GP and told her how important it was that they had promoted this information.”

  • joe

    Nice one guys

  • Anonymous

    My practice has the 'hear if you need us' LGF leaflets. The made me smile and instantly more relaxed.

  • Anonymous

    Being diagnosed with HIV is a difficult time for anyone. Having to disclose to people is not always easy. Speaking to doctors and nurses I generally find easy, but not always reception staff. However the receptionists at the Docs were amazing. They were kind, understanding, emphatic and not patronizing. They made it easy that day to discuss my needs, and treated my with respect. They have always been friendly and warm, that is why I felt comfortable speaking to them. I'd recommend them to anyone!

  • Anonymous

    The practice itself is LGBT friendly, and Dr Lord is very easy to talk to on any matters including sexual health.

  • LGF Sian

    I’m afraid I’m not aware of any walking groups on the Wirral, although the Gay Women in Cheshire Meetup group occasionally go on walks out that way: There are, however, two walking groups in Manchester – Manchester Jessies ( and Manchester Walking Women ( which may be worth checking out.

  • Elaine

    i was looking for a social group to join to keep me fit. Do you walk anywhere around the Wirral? Or know of any more groups please

  • Gay Man

    “I met with Dr. Twiss and she was lovely, among other things discussed our conversation included sexual health issues and sexual orientation; it flowed in a very relaxed and friendly fashion. I felt extraordinarily comfortable talking with her and wish more doctors were as open and aware as she seems to be.”

  • Anonymous

    “I’m not always open about my sexual orientation, especially in a healthcare setting but after seeing The LGF’s condoms on the reception desk and in the consultation room, I chatted to the nurse openly and felt really relaxed!”

  • Anonymous

    'Enlightened forward thinking and really fantastic!' Gay man 27 years old

  • Anonymous

    My trust with Bodey is not with one single GP or nurse but in the practice as a whole. I’ll see any GP or nurse because I know I’ll get good care.

  • Bryn

    This place closed about 2 years ago and has been derelict ever since! There are no gay bars in Morecambe.

  • Anonymous

    They made me feel at ease by using appropriate terminology. A non-heterosexist healthcare environment – spread the word of good practice!

  • Anonymous

    It is the first time I have felt that my sexuality wasn’t patholigized and that I am being treated as an ordinary person seeking ordinary medical assistance irrespective of my sexual identity. Yet, at the same time, it has been clear that they understand that my needs can sometimes be different to those of a heterosexual woman and are more than happy to meet them. It isn’t one-size fits all.”

  • Anonymous

    I have a fantastic GP - Dr Phil Clode at City Health Centre. I suffered from depression (it really wasn't Manchester's fault!), Dr Clode was really helpful and gave me a leaflet about The LGF and made me aware of LGBT services on offer within Manchester. It is a great practice and I wanted to pass on my positive experience.

  • Mac

    LOVE beareoke on a Sunday!!