Diet, nutrition and exercise

Research suggests that reducing our intake of foods such as refined sugar, caffeine, saturated fat and additives amongst others can really affect the way that we feel.

Eating regularly and not skipping breakfast were also reported as ways that we can use food to boost our mental wellbeing.

Regular physical activity can lift your mood, help deal with negative emotions and bring you to a general sense of mental well being. One of the reasons for this is because when you exercise, endorphins are released into your body which are a natural anti-depressant.

Exercise and healthy eating does not have to mean massive changes in your life. Small changes such as swapping some more unhealthy snacks for fruit or vegetables or even eating less fast food are all important steps towards a more healthy and balanced diet.

Similarly, changing daily habits such as getting off the bus a stop earlier, using stairs instead of lifts, or going out for a walk during your lunch break can all be counted as exercise.

Eventually all these little things will add up and help you to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing.