How to: Keep your group going

Make sure that you let people know you are there. Advertise your group. Think about all the different ways you can do this:

  • Website listings - such as Out Everywhere, Facebook, Gay to Z, Queery, etc.
  • Flyers - in community spaces, bars, clubs, sports locations etc. They are cheaper than postcards.
  • Helpline directories - inform LGF Helpline, London Switchboard etc.
  • Magazine Listings - such as outnorthwest

Write a press release and distribute it widely - remember to put in contact details!

When you get people coming along, be VERY welcoming to your group users. Remember, you need them to keep the group going.

Get feedback from group users - ask them what they want. If you don’t respond to what they want and keep doing your own thing, people will drift away.

Keep enthusiastic even after criticism - you will need to develop thick skins.

Support each other. Remember why you volunteered.

Think about the future and keep recruiting volunteers. Often ex-group users are a good source. You will need to have some succession planning - do not let all the jobs fall to one person. One day you may want to stop doing the volunteer work, but the group may still need to continue to provide a service without you.

Try and have regular Volunteer meetings. These are essential for debriefings, maintaining ‘Good Practice’ and supporting each other.

Maintain a work/life balance - Don’t let the volunteer work dominate your life.

Enjoy what you do, and GOOD LUCK!

How to: Keep your group going
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For more information or to get support and advice contact the Rainbow Partnership.