Michael Causer - A tribute

On the evening of Thursday 24th July 2008 through to the morning of Friday 25th July 2008 a series of horrendous events unfolded that resulted in the murder of Michael Causer.

Michael died on 2nd August 2008 the result of head injuries sustained in the attack.

There were many disappointments for the Causers in the subsequent case against his attackers .Of the four men present as this dreadful act of hate unfolded, only one has received a custodial sentence.  However Marie Causer and her husband Mike have worked tirelessly over the last two years to get justice for Michael and raise awareness of homophobia.

Throughout the aftermath of Michael’s death, the Causers have paid tribute to the community who have rallied to support them. 

Marie comments: “We’ve had wonderful support from the LGBT Network in Liverpool. Also, the police have been amazing.

We’d do anything to stop this from happening again. 

“I find with the gay community, that I’m more supportive towards them because you look back and see what has happened to Michael.

“We’ll keep speaking out and hopefully go into schools and educate young people that gay people don’t have two heads. It’s just wrong that some people won’t accept them.” 

It is because of what happened to Michael that we must say Enough is Enough and take Action against Homophobia.