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LGBT Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its first series of Bi specific events

The Bi series is our first series of events designed for bi people* on bi issues, and launches in LGBT History Month 2017.

While making up over half of the UK’s LGBT population, research tell us that bi people in the UK lack the profile, funding and resources of other sections of LGBT Communities.

Bi UK’s ground-breaking research also revealed that bi people are more likely to experience poor health, violence and isolation.


Through the Bi series, LGBT Foundation aims to provide a space where the bi community can meet, talk and share experiences. 

Over the course of a year we will be focussing on issues that affect the bi community - providing workshops, talks and activities to improve the visibility and wellbeing of bi people.

Feedback will be an essential part of the series helping to shape the format and content of future session of your events. Share your ideas with us by emailing

*LGBT Foundation defines bisexual as people who are attracted to more than one gender. The bi series is open to all people who experience attraction to more than one gender, inlcuding queer, pansexual, polysexual people as well as people questioning their sexual orientation.

The Bi Series aims to


·  Create a bi-centred space at LGBT Foundation

·  Build and support existing bi community networks

·  Improve the visibility and wellbeing of our local bi communities

The timetable




Date and Time


Launch Event: Bi History

People's History Museum

Saturday 25th, 3-5pm


Healthy Relationships:

Zine making and workshop


LGBT Foundation

Thurs 27th April


Sun 29th April, 3-6pm


Self Care for Bi people




Sat 17th June


Bi Takeover for Pride

LGBT Foundation 

Saturday 19th

August, 12-5pm


Bi Health Matters




Open Mic: Bi Talented

LGBT Foundation 


Get Involved

Interested in helping out? We need you!

· Do you have skills you’d like to share with others and develop in a supportive environment?

· Do you have an hour or more a week to spare?

· Would you like to help someone starting their journey or questioning their identity as an advocate or befriender?

If the answer's yes, email for more information on how to get involved as a volunteer. We welcome bi people as well as bi allies.