Do people know that I'm gay?

It’s important to bear in mind that the only person that really needs to be happy about your sexuality is you! Everyone else may either (a) know already, (b) not be that interested or (c) be gay themselves and you’ve just opened a big old closet door for them!

The prevelance of gay stereotypes mean that people who don't conform to pre conceived ideas about masculinity or femininity are often suspected of being gay.

Gay people come in all different shapes and sizes, some of us are more readable than others, and assumptions are made about people who aren't gay, but who don't fit neatly into what people think a girl, boy or person should be.

If you've been behaving secretively or differently, then your family and friends will have probably noticed, but that's not to say that they will have jumped to the conclusion that you are gay. Some people with a well tuned gaydar might know, but it's what you know that matters, this is your life and your love. You should share it with others when you are happy and comfortable with doing so.

Coming out is different for everyone!

Some of the most difficult and important decisions in life for lesbian, gay and bisexual people relate to coming out.

From an early age LGB people face discrimination and prejudice because of our sexuality. This can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. If we are confused about our own identity, added homophobia doesn’t help.

Coming out is different for everyone, there are many questions to think about. How will it affect your future? Your family? Your friends? Your work?

You never know how other people are going to react but the most important person to come out to first is yourself.

Being honest about who you are and not feeling the need to hide behind a secret identity is to many people a huge weight lifted off their shoulders.

It becomes easier to meet other people with similar feelings and over time can have a positive effect on all aspects of your life, when you are happier and feel that you can be accepted for who you really are.

Making the decision to come out as a lesbian, gay or bisexual person can make us think about our own personal journeys and how we can help and inform others to take the first steps to acknowledging such an important part of our lives.

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