Jane Czyzselska

What was your coming out experience like?

I first realised I might like girls when I was 14.  A school friend asked me to bite her nipples in the swimming pool changing rooms.  She’d been showing off by back flipping into the water and my eyes were out on stalks; I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be like her, or have her.

Coming out was so different, it was really long and protracted. I came out again and again in different circles at University.  For some reason I felt more comfortable telling my male friends first; they were all like, ‘women - what’s not to like?’ I didn’t tell my female friends straight away, I just fancied them.  I was like a kid in a sweetshop, I didn’t discriminate, I wanted anything in a skirt - or trousers.  However, after I fully came out, I learnt about who I was really attracted to.

Jane Czyzselska

Jane @ DIVA mag
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Everyone I told wasn’t bothered that I was a lesbian.  If you do get a bad reaction though, don’t let people’s prejudices affect your sense of self worth. It says more about them and their own issues than it does about you.  It is no better or worse to be gay, straight or bisexual.  Also, trust that in time they may come round.

If someone has gotten used to thinking that you are a certain way and you divert from their expectations, that is their problem not yours.  You have a right to be whoever you are.

About Jane:

Jane joined DIVA magazine when it launched in 1994. Ten years later, she was appointed Editor.

Under her watch, DIVA has exploded in popularity to become the biggest selling lesbian publication in Europe. The likes of Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson have graced the cover, making it one of the coolest gay titles on the market.

Jane has placed lesbians firmly in the public eye and broken down negative stereotypes, proving that gay women are stylish, cultured, successful and sexy.

Jane is also a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Times.

Jane appears in our inspirational Aim High booklet, along with 19 other people at the top of their respective fields, showing sexuality should not get in the way of success.

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