Mephedrone (MMCAT)

Mephedrone (usually known as MMCAT, Meow or bubble) has been associated with a number of deaths in the UK and was made illegal in April 2010.

Although the drug has been around since 2007 it's recent high profile and the crack down on legal drugs has brought it to the attention of the government, police and media.

Not much is really known about MMCAT, though a glance at any news item or internet drug forum can tell you that it gives a state of euphoria, alertness, talkativeness and a feeling of empathy.  It has a similar effect to MDMA and Speed but as with any drug the exact effects vary from person to person and depend upon:

  • How much you take
  • How often you take it
  • How you take it (snorting or swallowing)
  • Purity
  • What other drugs you take with it
  • Your mood when you take it

The drug, along with other substituted cathinones, became a Class B drug from 16 April 2010 under The Misuse of Drugs Act.

The strength of the drug depends very much on where you buy it and what type of MMCAT you buy, but it is more likely to be cut with other substances if you get it from a dealer.

Side Effects

Like other stimulants Mephedrone makes you thirsty and keeps you up all night, it is hard to get drunk when you have taken it so drinking alcohol is just a waste of money.

If you take it with other stimulants such as MDMA the risks increase as it narrows the arteries, this can cause numbness of the arms and legs and in severe cases cause a heart attack and fits.

Sex Drug

MMCAT is not really known as a sex drug, although some users report an increased libido.

Men report not being able to get an erection on MMCAT but if you manage too you can be having sex for hours so it is advisable to pick up some strong condoms and water based lube to try and avoid some nasty incidents, this will also lower your chance of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

The advice also seems to be that if you are on any kind of medication to avoid MMCAT as it is not known how it reacts with other substances and because it is toxic you will not know until it is too late if you are one of the unlucky ones.

The after effects of MMCAT also varies widely; some say it is less severe and mellower with others reporting extreme depression, anxiety and paranoia.  However as the saying goes 'what goes up must come down' and so a comedown is always going to be the cost of a good high.

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