Crystal Meth

Over the last couple of years there has been increasing talk of crystal meth, which also goes by names such as Ice, Glass, Tina, Christine and yaba. It’s taken its time but crystal meth has started to hit the scene in London - especially when it comes to sex parties. So, what is it?

Firstly it’s an amphetamine which can be smoked or injected, in much the same way as crack cocaine. It can make you feel exhilarated and also produces increased arousal and activity and also it suppresses your appetite and makes you feel more alert. You also experience a rush similar to that when crack cocaine is smoked but it can last for up to 12 hours.

There are numerous downsides to all this. Firstly the come down can make your emotions run wild and cause you to become irritable. Many men find they suffer from ‘crystal dick’ and start to use Viagra™, resulting in the ultimate aphrodisiac. Great if you want endless hedonistic, no-strings sex along with an increased libido, prolonged duration of arousal and delayed ejaculation. This can mean intensive, non-stop sex marathons with multiple partners lasting up to several days at a time.

Due to crystal’s anaesthetising effect, users may be unaware of serious damage they are inflicting on their sexual organs. “I had been fucking for damn near six hours straight and it was not painful,” describes an LA user, “but my dick was like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Another time I had a cyst on the shaft of my dick removed in the doctor’s office!”

It has also been reported that ‘tops’ can become ‘bottoms’ and vice versa as well users being more likely to engage in fisting and barebacking. You may feel totally insatiable but potentially at the cost of your, physical mental and sexual health.

The association between sex and crystal becomes so strong, that users find it hard to break their cycle of use.


Loss of sex drive
Erectile dysfunction aka crystal dick
Confusion and violence
Methylamphetamine-induced psychosis

Increased heart rate and blood pressure
Increased risk of cardiac arrest


You’re more likely to bareback
Hyper promiscuity
Increased chance of rectal tears
Abrasions and sores developing around sexual organs leading to increased risk of HIV transmission
Methylamphetamine use can be associated with injecting and with sharing of paraphernalia with attendant risks of HIV and hepatitis virus infections.

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