Getting the help you need

Some of the great services for carers include:

  • Help to take a break
  • Information, advice and advocacy
  • Financial support
  • Support groups
  • Pampering and beauty therapies
  • Advice and advocacy
  • Education and training
  • Emotional support

You can find out about all services in one go by requesting a Carer’s Assessment.

What is a Carer’s Assessment?

A Carer’s Assessment is the best way to find out about things that could help you in your caring role.

Whether you simply need information or need to recharge your batteries on a break away, your Carer’s Assessment will let you know how life as a carer can be made easier.

The Carer’s Assessment is simply some dedicated time for you and a professional to discuss your needs, from looking after your health to problems juggling work and care or having a life of your own. It is also a great opportunity to think about what would happen in situations where you found yourself, for whatever reason, unable to care.

You can express exactly how caring impacts on your life and work out what things could help you to care.

Who can get a Carer’s Assessment?

ALL carers can get a Carer’s Assessment.

A Carer’s Assessment acknowledges you as an individual, so you can request yours even if the person you care for has refused all services, or maybe they haven’t even been assessed at all.

An assessment can be booked in at your own convenience and you can have it on your own, without the person you care for being present.

How can I get my Carer’s Assessment?

To request your Carer’s Assessment simply contact your local authority. 

More info available here from Carers UK