Carers stories

Sarah is a lesbian, a Capricorn and loves city breaks…she is also a carer.

Sarah cares for her partner, Jen, who is living with cancer. She has to take Jen to GP and hospital appointments and do all the housework. She is struggling to juggle work with her caring role.

Dean is a gay man, 35 and he has run the London marathon…he is also a carer.

Dean supports his partner, Ryan, who was diagnosed with HIV last year. He offers a lot of emotional support and has to prompt Ryan to take his medication. Dean feels like no one understands what he is going through and he is starting to feel depressed and alone.

Emma is a bisexual woman, black belt and a great cook…she is also a carer.

Emma cares for her friend, Chloe, who is depressed and drinks too much. Chloe can be well for a few weeks but will then relapse and it is at these times that Emma does Chloe’s shopping. She also visits or calls her several times a week to check she’s OK. She is worried about Chloe and wants more information about depression, substance misuse and support services.

Ishan is a trans man who works in a busy office and enjoys world cinema…he is also a carer.

Ishan has given up work to look after his mum. He has moved back to live with his mum as she is elderly and frail and needs help moving around, including getting a bath and going to the toilet. She also has dementia and Ishan now manages all of her finances. Ishan is worried about how he can pay his bills.

Liz is a gay woman, writes poetry and loves the outdoors…she is also a carer.

Liz cares for her son, Jack, who has physical and learning disabilities. She helps him to get dressed, eat his meals and go to the toilet. After caring for Jack for many years, Liz is finding it increasingly difficult to cope and needs someone to talk to who understands.

If you can relate to any of these stories, you are a carer. Services to support you are available. Simply click here to find out more getting the help you need.