Homo Heroes Awards 2014 - Your winners!

Publish Date: 01/10/2014

This year's Homo Heroes Awards received almost 400 nominations across 9 categories, and then went on to receive over 7000 individual votes from across the UK and beyond!

All of our categories showcase outstanding people and organisations, with the stories behind many of the nominations touching the hearts of those of us lucky enough to read them when compiling the final 21 - also resulting in a number of special mentions which are detailed below.

There is also The Alan Turing Memorial Award in partnership with Manchester City Council which celebrates an individual or group that has made a difference to LGB people in Manchester, the person selected from the 20 detailed nominations we received in this category.

From us at The LGF we have the Outstanding Achievement Award which is awarded by our award-winning Board of Trustees.

And this year we also introduce the Barclays Straight Ally Award, where people could nominate people who are heterosexual that have provided an unparalleled level of aid and support to our communities.

These awards are important because they are voted for by you, the community, so without further ado, let's meet the winners!

Homo Hero - Community Champion of the year

2014 champion vivien walsh
WINNER! Vivien Walsh

From one of the nominations:
"Vivien has fought hard on behalf of the lesbian asylum seekers who are part of the Manchester Lesbian and Gay chorus. Going above and beyond her role as Soprano representative, Vivien devoted a great amount of time and resources in fighting for and ultimately securing the release of Jacqueline Nantumbwe from the notorious Yarls Wood centre for the second time, effectively blocking Jacqueline's deportation to Uganda where her life would be under considerable threat. "

Runners up

2014 champion anne powerAnn V Power

2014 champion andy thompsonAndy Thompson

Homo Hero - Business of the year

2014 business serenity

WINNER! Serenity Security Solutions

Serenity Security was created by two LGB&T directors who wanted to shatter the stereotype of the old-school ‘bouncer’ and believe that training and customer service are paramount in the industry. We believe the key to our success is matching the right kind of staff with each individual venue and we are the only door company in the Northwest to employ a large percentage of LGB&T staff. Supporting charities, they are proactively involved in promoting Manchester’s ‘Gay Village’ and supply security staff to a number of venues within it as well as supplying venues and events across the rest of Manchester and the UK.

Runners up

2014 business liverpool fc

Liverpool FC

2014 business co-op

The Co-operative

Homo Hero - LGBT role model of the year

2014 role model dave armstrong

WINNER! Dave Armstrong

From one of the nominations:
"As well as being a successful gay businessman and father, Dave has spent the last 8 years supporting Frank Mugisha's campaign successfully against the anti-gay bill in Uganda, which has now been annulled, and helped to establish Icebreakers Uganda after volunteering for Icebreakers Manchester for 10 years. In addition he is a trustee for FOMO, an project which supports over 5000 orphans in Malawi, where he has helped to build schools and orphan centres. Having adopted his daughter 2 years ago, Dave now manages to juggle fatherhood, his own business and his charity projects and is a true role model."

Runners up

2014 role model lisa riley wheatcroft

Lisa Riley-Whitcroft

2014 role model casey stoney

Casey Stoney

Homo Hero - Public Sector Partner of the year

2014 psp north west ambulance service

WINNER! North West Ambulance Service

NWAS is privileged to serve the population of the North West. We have an active LGBT network raising awareness within our organisation and regularly attend Pride events across the region. Always enjoying the warm welcome we receive from the community. We are proud to work with the LGF on initiatives to enhance safety in the village area. Supporting the wonderful Village Angels and also placing two defibrillators in the area. We want everyone to be safe and healthy whilst in the City Centre and we will continue to work with the community to achieve that aim.

Runners up

2014 psp department of health

Department of Health

2014 psp salford clinical commissioning group

Salford Clinical Commissioning Group

Homo Hero - Volunteer of the year

2014 volunteer jenny anne bishop

WINNER! Jenny-Anne Bishop

Jenny-Anne has been an LGBT community volunteer since 1996 and “out” in the Trans* community for over 40 years. She is a Trustee of the Sparkle Charity and has organised key events at Sparkle since 2007.

Jenny-Anne coordinates TransForum Manchester and is the Outreach Coordinator for Unique North Wales. She tirelessly advocates for Trans* rights, advises both the Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity and the Welsh Government, and provides Transgender Awareness and Equality workshops for a wide range of organisations. She also works on promoting the reporting and reduction of Trans/Homophobic hate crime and runs the Trans Community House.

Runners up

2014 volunteer marcus morgan

Marcus Morgan

2014 volunteer kevin sargent

Kevin Sargent

Homo Hero - Community group or organisation of the year

2014 group village bakers

WINNER! Village Bakers

The Village Bakers are an LGBT social group with the aim to Bake it! Bring it! and Share it!, Founded in November 2012 with a simple belief that there is no better way to make friends then sharing a big slice of cake. The philosophy of the group focuses on being a fully inclusive social group at the heart of the community. Whilst checking for soggy bottoms and stiff peaks Village Bakers has been involved in numerous community events supporting George House Trust, The LGF, IDAHO Day, Manchester Pride and Sparkle.

Runners up

2014 group canalsiders

Manchester Canalsiders ARLFC

2014 group manchester roller derby

Manchester Roller Derby

Homo Hero - LGB&T venue of the Year Award

2014 venue molly house

WINNER! The Molly House, Manchester

Runners up

2014 venue vanilla

Vanilla, Manchester

2014 venue via

Via, Manchester

The Barclays Straight Ally Award

straight ally Tracey Walsh

WINNER! Tracey Walsh

From one of her nominations:
"Tracey is an absolute pillar of Manchester's Gay Village, raising thousand's of pounds for charities in her 25 year reign at New York, New York. From simply helping various LGBT groups to promote their offerings to being a pivotal part of making Our Gay Village look nice with the hanging baskets outside venues. Tracey is there whether to be an ear for advice or to give the village the boosts it needs."


straight ally Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen

Ben has worked over the last few years to tackle homophobic bullying through his Stand Up foundation. In particular the issue of homophobia in sport. He is happy to engage with all parts of the LGBT community and has worked overseas as well as the UK.

straight ally Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd

Tony continues to support LGB&T inclusion across the board, opting to not only champion the inequalities that LGB&T people face in his professional role, commissioning LGB&T activities, ensuring LGB&T hate crime prevention is a strategic focus for GMP.

The Alan Turing Memorial Award

Campaign For Homosexual Equality

WINNER! The Campaign For Homosexual Equality

"2014 is the 50th anniversary of The Campaign for Homosexual Equality a democratic voluntary organisation, founded in 1964 as the North Western Committee for Homosexual Law Reform.

"It played a key part in the intitial campaigns leading up to the decriminalisation of male homosexual activities in 1967.

"In 1969 it was renamed the Committee for Homosexual Equality. CHE became a national organisation and was Britain's leading LGBT organisation for many years, CHE, and its local groups around the country, played a vital part in the gay and lesbian life of the country, and the story of CHE is a major part of the story of the advance of LGBT people from 1964 onwards."

The Homo Hero Awards 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award

outstanding achievement Duncan Craig

WINNER! Duncan Craig, Survivors Manchester

There are many things we could say about Duncan but really we should let one of his nominations speak for itself...

"I’ve been volunteering and actively working in Manchester’s LGB&T voluntary and community sector for a number of years, and a name that many people know is the person that I’d like to nominate for this award. After sitting in an all-day training session at The LGF’s office one warm Saturday afternoon, I left both excited and energised following some drugs training that the person I’m nominating had done.

"His knowledge and the information he shared about drugs was helpful and has been something I’ve been able to use in my professional, volunteering and personal life to give people information and advice. It was a truly participatory session that explored a range of issues and allowed people to be open and honest. Who knew you could get wasted on nutmeg (white not brown)! However it was another workshop that this person made me see things very differently in, this time it was a warm evening, and the workshop was at the LGF again, but it was training that really struck me, that had been co-ordinated for LGF staff and volunteers about male sexual abuse.

"The person I’d like to nominate delivered an insightful and honest session that held no prisoners; it was honest, direct and challenging for me to sit in a room with a bunch of other people and talk about this issue. I learnt lots more than I’d got from any other training session in my life, being able to help me be more open and honest about something that I found quite difficult to talk about in public settings.

"I’ve been able to use this training to be open and honest with people I’ve worked with through every aspect of my life. Whether talking openly and honestly about ‘normalising banter’ or Finkelhor…it’s easy to think back to that training session and reflect on what an impact it had on me. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore ideas with and I worked with my nominee on creating a simple, yet impactful awareness raising poster for Village venues that called on people to look out for others.

"In my new role, all I ever hear when people are talking about men specifically in Manchester, is one word – SURVIVORS! It’s not the solution to the problems of the world, but the boss speaks sense, he speaks with passion and he recognises that the world needs to change its approach and its attitude – on everything, not just the issues that he and his team deal with on a daily basis.

"He believes that honesty and openness makes a difference. He makes people need to think and look introspectively. He listens. He sits back and lets others speak and share…and then he challenges it. Sometimes he doesn’t. He’s funny, he’s witty, he’s clever and he’s good. He’s got fire in his belly and sometimes he shouts his mouth off, because he needs to when people aren’t listening.

"I like gobby people. Duncan’s gobby. It’s not a bad thing. Gobby people make change happen. Gobby people help others to see it like it is.

"Duncan puts the people that access Survivors service users front and centre. Duncan puts his team first. Duncan listens. Duncan laughs. Duncan challenges and he changes. Duncan inspires me and inspires others. He deserves this award."

If you'd like to read a list of everyone who was nominated arranged by category, you can download it here. Thanks for all your support and see you next year for the Homo Heroes Awards 2015!