green with pride

What is this?

Green with Pride is a campaign focusing on LGBTQ+ people and sustainability. We will be launching a series of events focusing on the wider LGBTQ+ community, as well as specific events for particular marginalised people, including women, QTIPOC, older people, and trans and non-binary people. The campaign is ran by the Community Programmes Team in collaboration with Hubbub, an organisation focusing on supporting people to make positive environmental change.

Why this campaign?

Climate change is an urgent crisis for all people on planet Earth, but some communities are impacted by it disproportionately. LGBTQ+ communities are one of these communities for a range of reasons, including:

  • Being more likely to live in poverty, or be unemployed, and so find it difficult to afford sustainable products, especially when disposable products are made unavailable.
  • Often living in or moving to cities to find community, and so experiencing respiratory and health issues associated with pollution.
  • Our communities often have unstable housing, either through homelessness, being rejected from families, or difficult renting agreements. Houses can be in poor conditions, or have low energy ratings, meaning potentially being disproportionately affected by the current energy crisis. Homeless people are directly exposed to increasingly harsh weather conditions associated with climate change.
  • Lower income and poor housing can lead to our communities struggling to recover effectively from environmental disasters caused by climate change, such as floods. LGBTQ+ people can also face discrimination in emergency shelters - some trans people were turned away from shelters in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, for example.

What about the responsibility of large organisations?

While this campaign primarily focuses on individual sustainability, we are keen for this to not be the end of the conversation. We will be releasing a range of articles sparking conversations about climate change and sustainability on a wider scale. Additionally, we will be addressing our own responsibility in lowering our impact on climate change, including developing a robust sustainability policy and supporting other organisations within the LGBTQ+ sector to take similar actions. We also examine all of our corporate partners to ensure that they have policies and procedures that match our ethos.

As part of our range of events, we will be bringing together LGBTQ+ and climate activists to discuss how we successfully campaign for change with intersectionality in mind. We hope that this work will empower our communities to take action, and we will continue to be here to support and uplift their voices.

So what's on?

EventDate & VenueSign-up
How we created the Derek Jarman Pocket Park (Pride in Ageing)Friday 3rd June, 11am
Exchange Square
Not required - held as part of Manchester Flower Show
Wellbeing Walks with Blackdog Outdoors (Recovery Team, Pride in Ageing)Wednesday 8th June
Booking required via email - contact [email protected] to sign up or ask questions
DIY Trans Tailoring with Oska (Trans Programme)Friday 10th June, 6-7pm
Click here
Make Your Own Sashiko Mending Patch (Women's Programme)Sunday 12th June
Fairbairn House
Click here
Climate Activism (Community Organising Programme)Monday 13th June, 6pm-8pm
Foundation Coffee House, Whitwork St
Click here
Growing Workshop (Pride in Ageing)
Saturday 25th June, 1-4pmClick here
Get Ready for Pride (All Community Programmes)Thursday 7th July, 6pm-8:30pmClick here
QTIPoC Cookout & Food Workshop (QTIPoC Programme)Sunday 31st July, TIME TBC
The Proud Place
Click here