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Last year witnessed the horrifying homophobic attacks on Ian Baynham and James Parkes and a rise in homophobic hate crime, and as recently as last month the ITV documentary “Afraid to be Gay”, saw a young male gay couple victimised as they walked holding hands down the street in Wigan and one interviewee proudly proclaim on national TV “I hate gays.”

We might have had legislative change, but unfortunately homophobia is still a daily reality for many lesbian, gay and bisexual people and their family and friends – on the street, at work, at school, and where we live. People we know and love are being bruised, battered and even killed because of who they love.

The LGF’s new anti-homophobia campaign,  ‘Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia’  aims keep these stories alive, campaign for justice, and highlight how homophobia can impact on all lives regardless of sexuality and this issue of outnorthwest is dedicated to that campaign and how you can get involved and join the movement to end homophobia. Visit the Enough is Enough page right now to sign up!

Elsewhere in this issue, we preview Liverpool Pride taking place in August. We also preview Manchester Pride, with an interview with patron Christopher Biggins.

With even more focus on health, a fabulous sports section, thought-provoking letters pages and our unrivalled and all new design LGB&T listings section we really hope you enjoy this issue of outnorthwest and spend the next two months reading it! We'll see you again on August 11th!

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