outnorthwest issue 97

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With a General Election now called, we devote most of our pages to the importance of the LGB&T vote, and talk to high ranking politicians from all the major parties, asking why we should vote for them.

Paul Martin, Chief Executive of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation writes for us this issue too on what the major political parties can do to help end homophobia and empower the lives of the LGB&T community. Our guest columnist this issue is Jonathan Finney from Stonewall who asks us to use our vote, because "thousands of bigots will."

With Manchester's LGB radio station Gaydio recently granted a full time license and frequency (88.4FM), we also talk to station runners Toby Whitehouse and Ian Wallace on what we can expect to hear when they launch later in the Summer. Don't forget when they've launched to listen online at www.gaydio.co.uk!

Keep an eye on the pages of outnorthwest and this website on how you and your friends can get involved. You can sign up to our Actionletter here on LGF Online.

We're also very excited this issue to speak to rugby superstar Gareth Thomas, who recently and very publicly came out.  Gareth's story is an inspirational one, and he talks to us about the positive reception he's had since coming out, and why he relished becoming a role model for young LGB people across the country.

With even more focus on health, a fabulous sports section, thought-provoking letters pages and our unrivalled and all new design LGB&T listings section we really hope you enjoy this issue of outnorthwest and spend the next two months reading it! We'll see you again on June 2nd!

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Thank you to graphic artist Mark H Evans for this months' cover! www.markhevans.co.uk