outnorthwest issue 121

I’m not really sure how to start this editorial. As you may have guessed from our fantastic wrap-around cover, this is the final issue of outnorthwest. That’s it. No more.

It’s not been an easy decision to make, and you can read exactly why we’ve decided to end the magazine on page 23, in a special piece by Paul Martin, OBE - Chief Executive of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

I’ve edited (and designed) outnorthwest for 14 years now, and there’s no denying the LGB landscape has changed dramatically in that time - especially the way we access information. I’ve always considered myself a bit of magazine junkie, but over the last couple of years, with the advent of tablet devices, I’ve bought fewer and fewer magazines - instead opting for digital editions. So, in a way, I’m not too surprised that this might have an impact on print magazines like ONW.

I’m unspeakably proud of everything this magazine has accomplished over the last 14 years. We’ve campaigned, reported, celebrated and given a voice to those who might not otherwise have had one. We’ve made a differrence. I know this because you’ve told me. For that I’ll always be grateful.

Grahame RobertsonGrahame Robertson

I’m also very grateful for everyone who has contributed to the production of ONW over the last 14 years. Obviously too many to mention here, but every single contribution has been appreciated. I’m very proud to say that the majority of our contributers over the years have been volunteers - some of whom have gone on to bigger and better things. I’d like to think that ONW had some positive impact on those people.

Finally, and without wishing to sound cheesey, I want to thank every single person who ever picked up a copy of ONW. If anything you read in these pages made you stop and think, get involved, get tested, or even get angry - then we’ve achieved everything we set out to do.

I’ll miss this magazine. So much. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity.

Grahame x

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A good-bye message from our first ever columnist, Russell T Davies


“I’m very sad to hear that this is the last issue of outnorthwest. I’ll miss it! Maybe it’s more of an online world now, but let me tell you young ‘uns, in days gone by, magazines like this were all we had. A helping hand. A light in the dark. A valuable resource. The only place you could get the vital information you needed, sometimes, these pages could actually be lifesavers. And most of all, it was a great big laugh!

“I’d like to say thanks to Grahame and his dedicated teams over the years, who’ve put so much love and imagination into these pages. Job well done, boys and girls! And happy memories indeed. Now go and get some rest, you deserve it.”

Russell! x