outnorthwest issue 115

Here is a special guest editorial by Lucy Rolfe, the Wellbeing Manager at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation lucy.rolfe@lgf.org.uk.

Mental Health & Wellbeing guide spread

Why not also download our Mental Health & Wellbeing guide for LGB people. Click here to get it >>

We all have mental health, just as we have physical health and that means it’s just as important that we look after it. Mental and physical health impact on each other, so in this issue, we’ll be sharing some useful tips to help you to look after yourself day-to-day, as well as some things you can do when you’re not feeling your best.

Our mental health can be affected by lots of different things and we know that for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, issues such as homophobia, isolation and discrimination can really start to take their toll, along with everything else life can throw at us. In fact, it’s thought that LGB are at significantly higher risk of mental health problems, suicidal thoughts and deliberate self harm than heterosexual people.

So it’s never been more important to get to know your mental health, learn how to take care of it and don’t be afraid to ask for support, no matter what it is you’re going through, you’re not alone.

Throughout this edition of outnorthwest, we’ll be sharing stories and giving you some useful information about how to access support in your area.

Whether you’re experiencing low mood, feeling nervous, worried or lacking in confidence, we hope we can give you a bit of inspiration and comfort by letting you know you’re not alone and that there is support out there if you need it.

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