outnorthwest issue 114

This is probably the most packed edition of ONW we’ve ever produced. And that’s saying something.

First up we have the return of The LGF’s ground-breaking event for women, Sugar and Spice. Now in its seventh year, the theme this year (and echoed on our cover) is ‘Women, know your place’. Saturday 9th March will see a fun afternoon of workshops, networking, making new friends and increasing the visibility of lesbian and bisexual woman in and around the North West. With over 100 women welcomed last year, this is an event not to be missed. Turn to page 16 for full details, and don’t miss out!

This issue we’re also promoting The LGF’s new ‘Love Equal Marriage’ campaign. We’re encouraing people to fight for equality and support same-sex marriage. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or straight, and whether you’re planningto get married or not, please make sure you support this important issue. Turn to page 14 for more information, and to read the real-life stories from Sian and Sara, and Rob and Richard.

This issue, we’re very honoured to feature the Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch, and to celebrate this ground-breaking impact and achievements in the promotion and understanding of LGB&T issues in the Church. Turn to page 26 for more.

Finally, make sure you catch Queer Contact in Manchester from 4th-9th February. There’s an impressive line-up this year, and we’ve picked some of our highlights on page 17.

outnorthwest returns on 27th March. We’ll see you then.

You can download the latest issue by clicking the links below:

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