outnorthwest issue 110

Welcome to this special Bingham Cup edition of ONW. For those of you who don’t know, The Bingham Cup is the gay rugby world cup, and it’s coming to Manchester in June.

Over 1000 players, friends and supporters will descend into Manchester for this international event taking place at Broughton Park. There are teams flying in from all over the world, and it’s sure to be a spectacular weekend. In this edition of ONW, we talk to some of the guys who’ll be taking part both from Manchester and the United States.

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or not, the story of Mark Bingham (who The Bingham Cup is named in honour of) is one that we all need to be aware of. Mark died in the tragic events of 9/11. He was one of the passengers who stormed the cockpit of Flight 93, and averted an even greater disaster.

We’re extremely honoured to have spoken with Mark’s mother Alice Hoagland for this edition. It’s one of the most powerful, and heart-warming interviews we’ve ever published and I urge you all to read the remarkable story of Mark and Alice, starting on page 28.

This issue of ONW also features our Reader Survey for 2012. We’re keen to know what you think of ONW, and how you’d like to see it develop. There’s a £100 shopping voucher (of your choice) up for grabs, so please take a few minutes to fill out the form and send it back to us. It’s even a FREEPOST address.

You can also fill out the survey online at lgbt.foundation/onwsurvey.

Also included with this edition of ONW is a leaflet from the health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). CQC wants to empower more people to know what standards of care they have a right to expect which is something we’re happy to put our support behind. Check out the article on page 12.

We’ll be back at the beginning of August with our Manchester Pride special issue. Yes, it’s THAT close...

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