outnorthwest issue 109

It’s unusual for ONW not to feature a person on our cover. But this issue we’re defiantly flying the rainbow flag in in honour of International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO).

You can find out more about IDAHO, and the Flying The Flag project, on page 10. The fight against homophobia is extremely important to us at ONW and LGF - it’s at the heart of almost everything we do.

But what if that homophobia comes from within our own community?

Have you heard homophobic comments from friends - even if they’re meant to be taken in jest? How can we expect to challenge homophobia in society, if we can’t even get our own house in order? For our feature this month, we’ve taken to Canal Street to ask for your experiences of ‘internal’ homophobia. We’re also really keen to hear your experiences. If you’ve got any comments or would like to share your story, please drop me an e-mail (grahame.robertson@lgf.orf.uk).  We’re really keen to follow up this story, so please do let us know.

We also say hello to a brand new columnist this issue. Frankie Stevens will be offering the les/bi women’s perspective, and you can read her first column on page 7.

We’ll be back on 23rd May with a special Bingham Cup edition. See page 13 for more details. See you then!

Thank you again for your continued support of outnorthwest and The Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

You can download the latest issue by clicking the links below:

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