outnorthwest issue 106

This issue of outnorthwest concerns itself with coming out. It’s something we all have to do at some point in our lives - even if it’s only to ourselves.

Sometimes for the sake of our wellbeing and our sanity, we all have to ‘come out’ about our sexuality. It doesn’t have to be a grand announcement, and it may only be coming to terms with our sexuality for ourselves.

But the process of coming out is an ongoing one. To family, to friends, to work colleagues, in interview situations, booking hotel rooms... the list is endless. The process of coming out is a hugely personal one, and everyone has their own story and their own experiences.

In this issue of outnorthwest, we’ve spoken to a number of people, including Manchester Pride patron and former NBA Basketball star John Amaechi, about how and why they chose to come out. We’ve also got an invaluable guide to the do’s and don’t of coming out (never at the Christmas dinner table!).

We’re still keen to hear your coming out stories, and we’re particularly keen to hear from women, so please drop us an e-mail and we’ll follow it up in our next issue.

Elsewhere, we’re very proud to be a media sponsor once again for Liverpool’s fantastic LGBT arts festival, Homotopia. The line-up this year is outstanding, so please do make sure you sample what is a truly world-class event!

Finally we would like to thank you for your continued and enthusiastic support! We can't do it without you.

You can download the latest issue by clicking the links below:

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