outnorthwest issue 104

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The next issue of your brand new nook magazine for life is here!

This issue of outnorthwest carries perhaps one of the most important interviews we’ve ever carried out.

Just over a year ago, 15 year old Dominic Crouch leapt from a six-storey building because of homophobic bullying at his school. The effect on his family has been devastating. Last month, we travelled to Gloucester to talk to Roger, Dominic’s father, about the impact it’s had on his family, and about the changes he’d like to see in schools to tackle the rise of homophobic bullying.

You can read the interview on page 8. You can also read the full interview here. There's also a video of the interview with Roger. I urge you to watch it and share it with your friends. If, after reading Roger’s story, you would like to do something positive and help prevent tragic events like this, please consider buying an Enough Is Enough Schools Pack.

For £20, we’ll send a pack to the school of your choice (anywhere in the country) which includes lessons plans, presentations, videos, posters, and guides. We can even include a personal message from you. We’ll also contact the school to ensure they’ve received the pack, and will follow up to ensure they are making use of it.

To find out how to get a Safer Schools Pack to the school of your choice, just visit lgbt.foundation/schoolspack

Finally, it’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce that from our next issue, the LGB&T community in Stockport will no longer be able to pick up outnorthwest in Stockport venues.

Due to funding cuts in Stockport, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation has had to make the very difficult decision to withdraw direct service provision in Stockport. You can find out more on page 10 of this issue, along with some tips on how you can make your voice heard about these cuts.

We’ll be back in August with our special Manchester Pride edition. Yes, it’s that close...

Finally we would like to thank you for your continued and enthusiastic support! We can't do it without you.

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