outnorthwest issue 102

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This edition of outnorthwest marks two very important dates in our pink calendar. First of all, February see's International Women's Day, which this year celebrates 100 years.

Turn to page 26 for a great feature on the 100 things every woman needs to know. It's a great read, and guys there's loads in there for you as well. You might learn a thing or two!

February also hosts LGBT History Month, and there are loads of great events happening all over the North West. We've condensed the best of those events into our listings on pages 10 and 11. There really is something for everyone, from club nights to film screenings to debates. Please try and get along to something this LGBT History Month - it's so important we celebrate our heritage and achievements. We've come such a long way in such a short time.

Elsewhere in this issue, we have the fascinating story of Sal, a gay Muslim living in Bradford, and the struggles he's had to face from family and religion. Make sure you check it out, starting on page 30.

With all your usual lifestyle, news, scene and health information, it’s a packed edition, which I hope you’ll enjoy. We'll see you again in Spring 2011!

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You can download the latest issue by clicking the link below:

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