Your breasts

Information out there for lesbian and bisexual women is sparse, and often involves little or no celebration about who we are, particularly when it comes to our bodies.

In order to redress this, The LGF have produced these pages to explore and celebrate all things breast related!

You’ve got them yourself and you’re probably attracted to others, so we thought an informative celebration of breasts would be a good starting place!  There's also some all important health information in it too.

These pages look at a range of things such as information on what boobs actually are; sizes; age changes; bras; boobs and sex; pregnancy and breast cancer.  It’s important to know what they’re about and what could go wrong or right with them.

So what's up there?

Getting to know yours, and her breasts can be fun and also very important and knowing how your breasts look and feel can help in the early detection of breast cancer.

A diagram of a breast - external

A diagram of a breast - internal