The sex bit

Soft, round, large, small, pert, pendulous, let’s face it – every girl loves a bosom for a pillow.

And when it comes to sex; touching, squeezing, licking, sucking and pinching your lover’s nipples and breasts can really help to get the party started.

We’re all different and unique, so as such, some of us will like having our boobs stimulated more than others.  Talk to each other and tell her what you like and don’t like.  And bear in mind that pre-menstral breasts can be tender, so full on stimulation at certain times of the month probably won’t be appreciated!

Breasts are a part of sexual anatomy that is unrelated to reproduction, and in society in general, they have a great deal of erotic allure and sexual symbolism.

It is not at all unusual to see a large-breasted woman used in advertisements to sell everything from beer to cars, primarily aimed at the straight boys of course.

As a result of the almost universal association of a woman’s breasts with femininity, sexuality, and attractiveness, we are bombarded on an almost daily basis with the not so subtle suggestion that a woman with large breasts has a definite sexual advantage; thus, conversely, a woman with small breasts must be less sexually interested and skilled.

The reality is size really doesn’t matter when it comes to stimulation!  Whatever you’ve got and whatever she’s got – be proud of your breasts and enjoy yours and hers!