The Bra!

It covers, it supports, it elevates your breasts to a new height, and it gave rise to one of the most iconic advertising campaigns ever, often copied but never surpassed in our opinion, 'Hello Girls……'.

The bra has been around in some shape or form for thousands of years.  A bra-like garment was worn by Minoan women on the island of Crete, which both supported and revealed their bare breasts in emulation of the ‘snake goddess’.

Vogue magazine first coined the word ‘brassiere’ in 1907 and around the same time feminist organisations warned against the risks of wearing corsets and called for ‘emancipation garments’.

They, and the rest of the women across the world, had to wait until American socialite Mary Phelps Jacob made her own underwear from two silk hankies and some ribbon in 1913.

She was granted the first US patent for the bra the following year.

Why should you wear a bra?

There are a number of reasons you should wear a bra, the main ones being support and to stop your lovely lady assets travelling south to befriend your knees!

To try and prevent the inevitable sagging, allow your breasts to be free of bras whenever possible, so the ligaments can relax.

You shouldn’t sleep in your bra, as again it prevents relaxing.  However, if you are a sporty type, a sports bra is recommended to ensure you are fully supported during any sporting activity!

It is very important to wear the right size bra, it is said that 80% of all women wear the wrong size bra.  Although you may be shy or worried about getting your boobs out, please go and get them measured by a professional fitter. Most department stores offer a free service.

There are lots of types of bras and there will definitely be one out there for you.