So what's down there? - female masturbation

A lot of questions about how to have sex, how to masturbate, and worries about what’s going on down there can be solved by simply getting to know your own body and genitalia.

It's also probably best figuring out what does what, and what you like and dislike, before anybody else does!

womens genitalia diagram

Go get yourself a mirror, lock yourself in a room, spread you legs and start examining.

Female Masturbation

Masturbation is a very healthy and liberating part of any woman’s sex life. It’s the perfect way to discover yourself, your sexual likes and dislikes and also to explore your own genitalia.

Some women enjoy their clitoris being touched, some enjoy penetration, others enjoy their G-spot being stimulated and many enjoy all three. Whatever you enjoy, remember there's no right or wrong way to masturbate, just do what feels good for you.

How to get started

Privacy - Lock the door, turn off the phone and close the curtains.

Get yourself in the mood - Take off your clothes, have a bath light some candles and get comfortable.

Fantasise - Recall a past sexual encounter, something you've seen in a film or create your own.

Touch Yourself - Using one or two fingers, stroke your vagina, vulva and clitoris exploring different pressures, speeds and motions.

Breathing and rocking - Breathe deeply and if it helps, move, rock or roll your body with the rhythm of your hand.

Orgasm - Once you have discovered what you like, you may eventually start to climax - just make sure you keep the stimulation constant. If you don't reach orgasm, then don't worry - practice makes perfect!