Sex Toys

  What people might not realise is that sex toys can be sexy and glamorous, and they can be scandalous (if you want them to be).

Sex toys can also be a great way to enhance personal and partner sex. The most important thing to remember about introducing sex toys to the bedroom is communication with the person you share them with.

Make sure both of you are comfortable. This could mean starting small and working up to more adventurous things later.

The thought of introducing a sex toy into your bedroom does not mean that you or your partner are not sexually satisfied or less attracted to each other. Sex toys and tools can be a great twist on your everyday bedroom antics and can bring a new element of excitement and adventure.

Sex toys are not a new concept, although we have come a very long way, some of the first sex toys date back to Ancient Greece.

Shopping together for toys is the best way to get started. This allows you to choose a product you are both comfortable bringing to the bedroom (kitchen, or living room...).

There are sex toys designed for any orifice, any body, and any type of play so it's good to communicate with each other before you go shopping. For example, do you get turned off by intense vibrations? Do you need a nice curve to reach your G-spot? Would you prefer a product with some weight or girth? Are you looking for toys to tease?

Sex toys also come in a wide variety of shapes. It is important to take time and think about which appearance and shape would best enhance your pleasure and comfort.

Today, toys are more like stunning objects of art and sculpture and most wouldn't look out of place on your mantle piece unlike the image most of us have of large, veiny phallic appendices but toys no longer look like genitalia. Choose a good shop to shop in. The staff should be knowledgeable, informative, open andhelpful.

A good sex shop should guide you through their range, helping you to find what suits you best; it should be a relaxed and enjoyable experience that allows you to leave with a spring in your step excited about your evening's entertainment.