Sex & Alcohol

We’ve all heard of ‘brewers droop’ and the effects alcohol can have on men’s sexual performance, but as women do we ever stop to think what it might be doing to our performance in the bedroom? (or anywhere else for that matter!).

In fact alcohol can have a more serious affect on our sexual experiences than we might think.

As a nervous system depressant, alcohol can numb the nerve endings in genitalia and decrease or increase feelings of sexual arousal and pleasure dramatically, often leading to you not being able to orgasm.

Vaginal lubrication can also be adversely affected so the effects of excess alcohol on your body may result in some painful and frustrating sexual experiences.

Alcohol can also be linked with other unwanted experiences such as the contraction of STIs, choosing inappropriate partners, serious injury, assault or even death. It also has the potential to negatively affect relationships, causing you to be less physically and emotionally sensitive.

There is nothing to say that we should never mix alcohol and sex, but being aware of its potential effects allows us to make more informed and sensible choices.

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