When sex doesn't satisfy

With or without sex, it is important to remember that you are the same person. Sex problems are often not normally due to physical reasons but to psychological ones and can cause emotional suffering and distress within a relationship.

Painful sex

An unstretched hymen could be the cause as well as lack of lubrication, an infection or Pelvic Pain Syndrome often caused by stress. Lack of arousal can also be to blame as it is likely to cause lack of lubrication.

Vaginal dryness

If you or you partner is not getting quite wet enough down there, then don't worry because it may just mean that you or her are not sufficiently aroused - which can occur for all sorts of reasons, such as inadequate foreplay, nervousness, anxiety, or the changes your body goes through as you get older.

There are plenty of water-based lubricants on the market to help with this, however if problems persist, consult your doctor.

Lesbian Bed Death

Although it is widely thought of as a myth, Lesbian Bed Death often referred to as LBD is a term used to describe the supposedly inevitable diminishment of sexual passion in long term lesbian relationships.

Well, there is nothing wrong with lesbians not having sex, or having it infrequently, however if you do think your relationship is suffering from LBD then try our tips for a more fulfilling sex life with your woman:

  • Be nice! - If you're bickering about washing up or hoovering then you ain't gonna get any!
  • Set a date! - Spend some quality time together - go for a meal or watch a film and then afterwards cuddle up in bed together
  • Act out your fantasy! - Maybe it's joining the mile high club or bonking in broad daylight... give in to yourself and give it a go!
  • Watch porn! - For many, nothing makes them hornier than watching other people get it on, whether they're gay or straight