National Network

The National Network of Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Service Providers brings together organisations that are providing specialist services for self-identifying lesbian and bisexual women to improve service provision and enhance knowledge. This may be achieved by sharing information and best practice, collaborating on research, improving communication, exploring funding opportunities, developing partnerships, working proactively with mainstream service providers and/or providing mutual support to professionals working in the sector.

Membership of the network is currently free and is open to representatives (paid or unpaid) of organisations which provide specialist services to lesbian and bisexual women within England. The Network aims to be fully inclusive and is explicitly trans-positive. The following organisations are currently members of the Network:

The National Network enables members to:

- Network online and in person

- Share tips on good governance

- Build funding opportunities

- Access mentoring

and much more! For more information on the National Network of Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Service Providers and how your organisation could join, email

The National Network is funded through LGBT Foundation's 'Well Women' project, with generous support from the Big Lottery Fund.


  • IsabellaQM

    I created Menopause Self Care (MSC) CIC to serve all women in the menopausal years with an unbiased comprehensive approach -- we are now in our third year in offering innovative programs in Cornwall and would like to begin to offer our program throughout the UK...our website is -- I am interested in your Well Women Project. Congratulations on the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Grant! All the best to you, Isabella