LGBT Foundation Counselling Service


LGBT Foundation Intake and Triage Service

If you need some help but aren’t sure which service is best to use, our Intake and Triage Service provides information and support to help you get access to the services you need, as well as giving you the space to talk and receive some emotional support and guidance.

Click here for more information or download the application now and send it in to us by email to .

The LGBT Foundation has been providing a counselling service to the LGBT community of the North West for well over a decade. We currently offer traditional talking therapies and relationship therapy.

Talking Therapies at The LGBT Foundation

We have a large team of volunteer counsellors and currently offer FREE counselling sessions to individuals between 10am to 8pm (last appointment) Monday to Friday. Please note counselling is currently not available on Mondays between 11.00am and 5.00pm.

People of all ages consider counselling for a variety of reasons such as coming out, struggling to accept their sexual orientation or gender identity, experiencing problems in their relationship or feeling anxious or depressed.

How to apply for counselling at The LGBT Foundation

  1. Download, complete and return the Application for Counselling (word) via email to or by FREEPOSTIf you do not have access to a printer we can post a form out to you. Please email your name and address to or call 0845 3 30 30 30.
  2. We will be in touch once we have received your application, to provide more details on the next steps and waiting times and to book an appointment for an Intake Service Assessment. 
  3. Following your Intake Service Assessment you will get referred to our counselling service, should we not be the best service for you we will signpost/refer you to the most appropriate agency/service. 
  4. Once you have been referred to the counselling service we will contact you to book in an initial Counselling Assessment meeting, once you have moved towards the top of the waiting list (please note: this process can take up to 12 weeks from the date of receipt of your original application). This meeting is an opportunity for us to further discuss the issues you need support around and gain a better understand of how we can support you. 
  5. If we agree that counselling would be beneficial to you, then we will agree on a number of sessions and assign you to one of our counsellors.

Throughout your waiting time, we will try our best to check-in with you to provide an update on your waiting time and offer further support if needed.

If you have any question about counselling, or if you feel you need additional support, you can contact us on 0345 3 30 30 30, email or pop-in and see us between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday.  

How many sessions will I be entitled to?

Our Counselling Service offers short term counselling of between six to twelve sessions. The number of sessions will be agreed following your Counselling Assessment.

Immediate support / In a crisis

Though waiting times can be affected by the high number of referrals we receive, the LGBT Foundation team is able to offer additional support through our Helpline and Pop-In Service, you can find more info on these services here.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feel concerned that you may harm yourself please contact the following services:


08457 90 90 90 / 0161 236 8000


0161 276 53 68 (Central)

0161 922 3801 (out of hours)


0161 637 0808 (for overnight support)

If you feel you are at risk of taking your own life, or seriously harming yourself, attend your local A&E immediately or call 999.

Relationship Counselling at the LGBT Foundation 

Some people may find counselling useful to help resolve issues that have arisen in their relationship; but may also find it useful if they have reached a point of irretrievable breakdown and want to use the counselling sessions to help bring their relationship to a respectful end.

To apply for relationship therapy please use one application form for each partner. A relationship counsellor will contact you to arrange the first meeting which is an assessment session.

Please note: we currently have one therapist offering Relationship Therapy; the waiting list to access this service is considerably long. To discuss other options available please contact Rossella Nicosia