Volunteering opportunities

There are lots and lots of ways that you can get involved with the work we do at LGBT Foundation. You can make a difference in your youth space, your communities and even throughout Greater Manchester.

Have you ever thought about volunteering? The benefits are endless! Volunteering commitment can range from 2 hours a week up to as many hours you can or would like to give.

Some of the benefits from volunteering with LGBT Foundation:

  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Gaining valuable skills and experiences
  • Gaining knowledge into how a LGBT charity works
  • Meeting new people and friends
  • It looks great on your CV – employers, colleges and universities all look for people’s volunteering experience when looking through applicants. Having volunteering on your CV shows that you are a dedicated, caring and motivated individual and can increase your chances of getting a job!


Volunteering opportunities at LGBT Foundation are vast! Ranging from admin & office support and maintenance right through to distribution and outreach, working in communities and at events all over the North West! If you are passionate about supporting LGBT people and would like to get involved with some of the work that we do (or if you would like to start something yourself) then volunteering with us could be a brilliant opportunity for you!

Below is a list of volunteering opportunities for young people and you can also find a breakdown of some of our volunteering roles here.

Volunteer Flyer Image


Ruby’s Story

“My name is Ruby Paterson and I did a voluntary placement with LGBT Foundation over summer 2011 between university terms.

“I worked in the office doing outreach work to make and strengthen links with LGBTQ societies in UK universities. This mostly took place over social media, email and over the phone.

“LGBT Foundation is a great place to volunteer because they really do appreciate the fact that you've chosen to donate your time to them and everyone in the office is really friendly. The work that they do is varied and far reaching and it makes a real difference to people's lives which is a great thing to be a part of.

“Also, a placement at a non-profit organisation looks really good on your CV! I've since chosen to return to LGBT Foundation as a volunteer in another capacity and hope to continue to have contact with the organisation for as long as they'll have me!”

Ashley’s Story

“I volunteer for Carousel and I enjoy the fact that I am helping others for a variety of reasons and that in particular with LGBT Foundation that it is creating a space for individuals to be themselves.

“I like to think if I make a small increase in a persons’ confidence it has been worth it.”


What is a Youth Action Panel? – At LGBT Foundation we value input from young people and  we want to create resources and support that is most beneficial to those who use our services or read our resources and media. We think one of the best ways to do that is by getting this feedback straight from the horses mouths!

The Youth Community Action Panel will be a panel of young people who will meet monthly/bi-monthly at our Richmond St building to discuss, critique and offer feedback on our current and up and coming resources.

The panel will have opportunity to input into services, providing suggestions into how we can make them even better and more accessible for young people. If there is a service missing or anywhere where we aren’t quite hitting the spot then we want to know and we would love you to help us out.

The position can be seen as similar to that of a trustee as we also plan to gather our heads of services at the meetings to give the panel an update about what work they are currently doing and planning and to gather feedback on this too.

If you are interested in a position on the panel or if you would like to discuss the opportunity further, drop our Youth Programme Co-ordinator an email on chloe.cousins@lgbt.foundation


We would like to help young people in their chosen careers and work placements are a great way to gain vital experience in your specialist fields.

A volunrary work placement with LGBT Foundation could help you to develop a range of skills, to expand your knowledge of how a LGBT charity runs and of the sector and also gain confidence in your ability to undertake work of this nature.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of completing a voluntary work placement with us please contact our Youth Programme Co-ordinator Chloe Cousins on chloe.cousins@lgbt.foundation


youth council

Would you like to have a say in what goes on for young people in your city?

Would you like to learn more about our democratic process?

Why not take up a seat on Manchester Youth Council!?

Manchester Youth Council is divided into two groups: Manchester Youth Council which is aimed at 13-19 year olds and the House of Manchester which is for 19-24 year olds. Both groups meet every other Monday to discuss issues relevant to young people in Manchester and to plan actions and campaigns.

We have the opportunity for a handful of LGBT young people to join the youth council. If you think you would like to get involved with the youth council or would like to discuss what being a member of the Manchester Youth Council might involve then drop Chloe our Youth Programme Co-ordinator an email on chloe.cousins@lgbt.foundation


Sometimes it can be daunting talking to adults or people older than you about how you’re feeling, sometimes it’s hard to find the right person to speak to about things – especially when those things are personal; like feelings about your sexual orientation or gender identity for example.

A LGBT Peer Mentor could be just the right person for you could speak to. A Peer Mentor is someone who provides confidential advice and support to people of their own (or close to their own) age.

Peer Mentor training is an opportunity for young people to help others, it equipts young people with the skills and knowledge of how to be a great mentor – how to appropriately offer advice and help people cope with different situations, discuss or work out particular problems, how to offer support to other young people who might not be as confident in their sexuality and helping them to create a positive identity whether that is LGBT or other.

Here is a list of top 3 qualities we would hope a Peer Mentor would have:

  1. Great listening skills
  2. A care for the general well-being of LGBT people
  3. Open and confident in speaking to people

If you are aged 18 and over and interested in becoming an LGBT peer mentor in your school, college or youth group then you can email Chloe our Youth Programme Co-ordinator an email on chloe.cousins@lgbt.foundation



There are lots of ways that you can fundraise for LGBT Foundation!

Some of the most common ways that people fundraise for us are:

  • Completing a sponsored run
  • Undergoing a sponsored challenge – like attempting the 3 Peaks Challenge
  • Holding a bake sale or similar event

Sometimes finding a location for a fundraising event can be challenging but if you are a pupil at a school or college or member of a youth or community group which operates out of it’s own building then that’s one less thing to worry about! – SO Why not ask your school, college or youth centre to hold a fundraising event during LGBT history month, or for IDAHO or Spirit day?

There are plenty of events across the year in the LGBT calendar that you could choose to hold your event on or raise money for and plenty of ways to do it too!

We have produced a handy guide to make sure you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful fundraising event. You can download your free copy of the guide here.

For more information on fundraising take a look at our fundraising page.


As a charity dedicated to achieving our mission of “Ending Homophobia, Empowering People” one of the ways we do this is with our campaigns!

We have a number of on-going campaigns that we need people to support and be part of! Your involvement could be wearing purple to support and spread the message about Spirit day, it could be by spreading our message of “Ending Homophobia, Empowering People” within your communities. You could take part in the march at Pride or join us in our campaign events around Greater Manchester!

You can find out more information about our current campaigns and how you can be involved here

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding fundraising or how you can get involved with our campaigns or about starting your own, you can contact Chloe our Youth Programme Co-ordinator on chloe.cousins@lgbt.foundation