Non-Specific Urethritis

It’s one of the most common STIs in men (or people who have a penis).  The exact cause of it is not always known, which is why it’s called ‘non-specific’.


The reason why NSU is so common is probably due to the fact it’s really easy to pick up. It is usually passed on through unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex, rimming or sharing toys, but it can also be caused by lots of masturbation, triggering bacteria which is already in your body.


NSU usually affects your urethra and so you may notice a white discharge from your penis or a burning feeling when urinating. However, a lot of people won’t get any symptoms at all.


A swab (like a very small cotton bud) will be taken from your urethra and tested for signs of the infection.


A short course of antibiotics is usually enough to clear the infection.

How to avoid it

Using condoms for oral sex and condoms with loads of water-based lube for anal and vaginal sex can help stop the infection from being passed on.