Get tested!

When to Test?

Current guidelines suggest that gay and bisexual men should have an HIV test at least once every 12 months, but everyone is different and some people might need more than one.

If you are changing partners sexual regularly or have multiple sexual partners, you are encouraged to test more often for sexually transmitted infections than the suggested 12 months.

You should always go for a test if you think that you have been exposed to any sexually transmitted infection or as soon as you notice any symptoms, even if they apparently clear up. Some infections can be treated easily with antibiotics and are completely curable. HIV is not curable, but effective health monitoring and treatments are available in the UK.

If you are in a new relationship and want to stop using condoms, it is advisable to continue to use condoms for three months, and then both go for a full sexual health screen, just to be sure.

If you are experiencing symptoms, you should go directly to your nearest GUM.

Where to Test?

LGBT Foundation’s Outreach Clinic runs every Monday and provides a full sexual-health check-up every week.  When the clinic runs from LGBT Foundation, you can also have a Rapid HIV Test, which provides an instant result.

The Outreach Clinic offers the chance to get a full sexual health check up, with results usually within 1-2 weeks.

Testing includes: Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and HIV. When the clinic runs from LGBT Foundation, you can also have a Rapid HIV Test, which provides an instant result.

Last appointment time is 3.30pm so please make sure to arrive early (from 11.30am onwards).  During exceptionally busy times, we may need to suggest alternative services if all the places have been filled.

Rapid HIV testing clinic takes place on Saturdays 10am - 3pm (the last test will be at 2:15pm)

An additional afternoon/evening clinic takes place on Wednesdays 2pm - 8pm (this is a drop in service and the last person to be seen will be at 7.15pm)


FREE self-sampling kits are available in lots of different areas of the country! LGBT Foundation recommends the service. It's really simple.

Once you've ordered, a box will arrive within a few days with everything you need to help you take a small blood sample from your finger!

Fill out the form inside, reseal the box and post it off; the results will be back to you soon. Check out the website for more info and to place your order.

The following Greater Manchester Sexual Health clinics could be easier for you to get to. Some offer appointments or a drop in service, click on them to find out more.

For privacy, you might prefer to look for clinics away from your local area. Click here and type in the town or city you would like to go to for your check up, then simply contact the clinic and arrange an appointment.

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